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More than 50% men develop impotency within 10 years of diagnosis of Diabetes.
Christiane Andersson examines portrayals of cuckolds associated with impotency in early sixteenth-century northern Swiss art.
These well-known impotency texts are therefore produced within a culture newly fashioned around principles of libertine freedom.
Prostate cancer treatment doesn't necessarily lead to impotency or incontinence, as treatments have improved in the past 20 years.
Smoking and impotency go together, there is no two ways about it" said Roccas, revealing statistics that showed that smokers had almost twice the chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction compared to non-smokers.
Dehar told Birmingham Crown Court that in 2000 that he started to have problems with impotency and that there had been a number of occasions when when he had failed to have full sexual intercourse with women.
In short, a person or a group suffused with resentment suffers from two negative conditions: incurable impotency coupled with an incurable lack of attainability.
It scrutinizes unpublished cases of annulments due to impotency in a northern Spanish church court between 1650 and 1750, in the diocese of Calahorra and La Calzada.
It is sold in capsule form as an energy pill and hyped as a natural version of the impotency pill Viagra.
At least by the early seventeenth century it had been noted that hanged men frequently developed an erection and even ejaculated while strangling, and sexual asphyxiation became a treatment for impotency.
SIX schoolboys were rushed to hospital after swallowing the impotency drug Viagra during a lunch-break.
But it wasn't her dad who needed the impotency drug to help in her conception - it was her MUM.