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It follows latest medical research which shows that smoking can make men impotent by damaging blood vessels and inhibiting blood flow to the penis.
The insurance pays for medical treatment for impotent men, other than those with pre- existing conditions, and will include a supply of Viagra at pounds 6 a time when it becomes licensed in the next few months.
Musically, tracks like ``Jenny From the Block'' and ``You Belong to Me'' are built on the familiar technoclub sound with a few attempts at '80s r&b in the impotent ballads ``The One'' and ``Still.
But unlike fellow European sufferers, impotent Irish males aren't shy about fixing their plumbing.
Channing claims Lowe told her he was impotent but despite only having sex twice, she never cheated.
Neiman - wrote that remaining neutral would ``render VICA impotent as an advocate and, therefore, irrelevant in the future.
If the guidelines are fully followed, then in essence what Mr Cowan is saying is that impotent men would be restricted to sex once a week and he is giving us the job of having to tell them," he said.
That scene can be as great as, say, Gene Kelly happily bounding down a waterlogged street in ``Singin' in the Rain'' or it can be as bad as Matthew Perry masturbating an impotent bull in ``Serving Sara.