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The personnel also impounded hand-carts, fence, railing, Bench, table and other items.
He said most of the impounded cars were abandoned by expats leaving the country after defaulting on loan repayments.
We would like this (main office) area to accommodate people with other transactions, like vehicle inspections,' Galvante said, adding that the compound has no more space available for impounded vehicles, including buses, which occupy even the driveway.
However, Colonel Saif said the police impounded the car for an accumulated fine of Dh6,200 and the car registration had ended on March 20.
Impounded buses were brought to the agency's new impounding area in Tumana, Marikina City.
Impounded Vehicles -- AB 360 provides that a vehicle impounded because the driver had no license or a suspended license shall be released to the registered owner before the end of a 30-day holding period if the driver reinstates or acquires a driver's license and provides proof of insurance.
The police impounded 13 Chinchi and 470 CNG rickshaws with extra seats, said police sources on Monday.
The administration returned the buffaloes impounded during operation on the assurance from the owners that pens will be shifted to other areas.
The General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police have impounded a total of 10,835 vehicles from January to April 2016, as a result of motorists flouting traffic rules.
ELEVEN days after the Philippines impounded a North Korean ship following UN sanctions against the communist state's nuclear program, new Foreign Secretary Rene Almendras said the government was still checking a few details before taking the next step.
Summary: The Dubai Police, on Thursday, auctioned 127 cars impounded by the Dubai Police for accumulated traffic violations and non-payment of fines.
LANCASTER - Sheriff's deputies impounded eight vehicles and arrested 59 people early Sunday on suspicion of trespassing and other violations at a Wal-Mart parking lot where youths gathered to drag race, authorities said.