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BEIRUT: Palestinian national Salah Zeineddine mistakenly set himself on fire Monday, outraged after Internal Security Forces at a checkpoint asked him to pay outstanding fines or have his car impounded.
Chief Traffic Officer Tayyab Hafeez Cheema said that CTP traffic Defence circle, taking strict action against violation of section 144 got impounded 41 motorcycles and registered cases against 16 people.
In January, about 306 abandoned vehicles were reported, of which 255 vehicles were impounded during the same month.
If no action was taken, the owners were warned that the municipality would have no other option but to remove them to the impounded vehicles yard.
impounded in our detention centre," said Colonel Khalid Al Razooqi, head of the
At present, someone who has their car taken off them for speeding, dangerous driving or crossing the maximum 24 black points, either has their vehicle impounded or pays Dhs100 each day to hold onto their vehicle.
The offending vehicle will also be impounded and a letter will be written to Transport Department to cancel the permit of the vehicle,"Around 158 cabs impounded and 120 challaned in Capital.
Rawalpindi -- During a general hold-up, excise and taxation authorities in Rawalpindi have impounded 65 vehicles for defaulting on token tax besides issuing challans against 90 vehicles.
We want all the impounded rickshaws to be returned.
LAKKI MARWAT -- Local police on Tuesday claimed to have impounded over150 motorbikes during a special campaign against unregistered motorcycles.
Arrayah There are thousands of impounded vehicles of different brands and sizes at the Investigation and Vehicle Impounding Section (IVIS) at Traffic Department, local Arabic daily reported yesterday.
LAPD Adopts Own Vehicle Code As if it was a country separate and apart from the United States and the State of California, the City of Los Angeles scrapped the mandatory California vehicle impound law and created its own ban so cars driven by unlicensed drivers could not be impounded.