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The official refuted claims that the impounding meant to help a towing company make more benefits with the increase of its activities.
If a vehicle was impounded for operating without a franchise, the owner should pay the P6,000 fine and a daily rate of P80 for its stay at the impounding center.
Upon the lapse of the period if the vehicle has not been removed, the Municipality will lift the vehicle to the impounding yard designated for abandoned vehicles.
On top of it, according to Aquino, is that this small water impounding system can help eliminate and reduce impacts of flooding and severe cases of soil erosion.
The first starts from SR500 to SR900, with a fine and impounding of the vehicle; the second is fine between SR300 and SR500 and impounding of vehicle; the third starts from SR150 to SR300 without impounding the vehicle, and the fourth starts from SR100 to SR150 without impounding the vehicle.
Speaking to Khaleej Times, Ali Hassan Ali, head of the car impounding section at Sharjah Municipality, said the service has been introduced to make life easy for residents as the impoundment lot is located away from the city, making it difficult for people to collect their cars personally.
Impounded buses were brought to the agency's new impounding area in Tumana, Marikina City.
Arrayah There are thousands of impounded vehicles of different brands and sizes at the Investigation and Vehicle Impounding Section (IVIS) at Traffic Department, local Arabic daily reported yesterday.
The member COC Munir Qureshi has lauded the record-breaking endeavour of customs, for breaking their own previous record of impounding drugs.
Violations leading up to the impounding of cars will attract Dh1,381, including municipal fines, storage charges and towing fee, a senior official said.
Aside from the fines, the owners are charged P100 in impounding fee and P15 in storage fee for each day the vehicles are in the compound.