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had been illegally releasing seized vehicles from the Dubai Municipality's impounding area.
Should the offence recur, the fine will be doubled and daily impounding fees will be applied, depending on the type of vehicle, and the area from which the vehicle was removed.
Upon the lapse of the period if the vehicle has not been removed, the Municipality will lift the vehicle to the impounding yard designated for abandoned vehicles.
He isn't shy about letting his staff know it's in their best interest to keep impounding cars and other valuables.
Dubai: Dubai Police announced it will start implementing a new smart vehicle impounding system in the next three months.
The member COC Munir Qureshi has lauded the record-breaking endeavour of customs, for breaking their own previous record of impounding drugs.
Summary: DUBAI u The Dubai Police impounded over 60 vehicles and are in the process of impounding another 1,200-odd vehicles for irresponsible actions by their drivers and passengers, including causing noise, on National Day.
When Schwarzenegger last year vetoed the predecessor to Soto's bill, AB 1132, by Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Fremont, he said the impounding authority was an effective law enforcement tool to prevent unlicensed driving and prevent owners from loaning their vehicles to unlicensed drivers.
Despite having parking authorisation the Garda insisted on impounding the van, loaded with cash, at the Dublin Corporation car pound.
The impounding and "inhumane" killing of stray dogs are part of the local government's beautification campaign, said Rivera-Wharton.
In another development, an international company, ASECNA has already obtained a court order in France regarding impounding of Air Zimbabwe's aircraft because of an unsettled debt, whilst British Airport Transport and American General Supplies, a key provider of aircraft spares to the airline, had issued its warnings of service suspensions owing to unpaid amount.