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I know that you were one of them, my uncle, and that you cried louder than the others: `She must die.' Therefore I warn you, and listen well to my words, that they may be engraved upon your memory, never to be forgotten: this murder, which has robbed me of everything -- this murder, which has deprived me of my name -- this murder, which has impoverished me -- this murder, which has made me corrupt, wicked, implacable -- I shall summon you to account for it first and then those who were your accomplices, when I discover them!"
it is not fit for such as we to sit with the rulers of the land,'' said the Jew; whose ambition for precedence though it had led him to dispute Place with the extenuated and impoverished descendant of the line of Montdidier, by no means stimulated him to an intrusion upon the privileges of the wealthy Saxons.
She disappeared in a kind of sulphurous apotheosis, and when a few years later Medora again came back to New York, subdued, impoverished, mourning a third husband, and in quest of a still smaller house, people wondered that her rich niece had not been able to do something for her.
He had been a classmate of Bowen Tyler at college, and a fraternity brother, and before, that he had been an impoverished and improvident cow-puncher on one of the great Tyler ranches.
"Lonely, aged, deprived of my family, an impoverished, an embarrassed man." But dogged courage comes to him again.
To quote Councillor Haley; "No sensible person with any humanity would deliberately impoverish this country".
Don't impoverish UK on its energy needs ROBAT Idris ( Daily Post, Nov.
NAN said the changes will have devastating impacts on First Nations people that are already impoverished. "Ontario's social assistance system already fails to meet the needs of First Nations and it is shameful that this government is proposing cuts that will only further impoverish and endanger the health and well-being of our people," said Deputy Grand Chief Terry Waboose.
1 : to make poor <The greedy tyrant impoverished his people.>
And when we lose a piece of the natural world, we impoverish ourselves." CONTACT: Alliance for the Wild Rockies, (406)721-5420, www.wil; Mountain Caribou Project,
Destruction is used not only to kill the faith, but also to impoverish, to frustrate populations, to have fewer social prospects."
Initiative aims to increase access to education for marginalised and impoverished children in Qatar