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After successfully raising QR1mn for Education Above All (EAA), Carrefour in Qatar launched a new fundraising campaign on Monday, aimed at increasing access to education for impoverished children across the country.
'This policy is of great importance in providing public healthcare services for impoverished people who cannot afford to treat their illnesses.
He lamented that many wealthy people are impoverished in character.
To ensure the impoverished regions truly get rid of poverty, ICBC has established a long-acting poverty relief mechanism through cooperation between e-commerce and government and focused on shaping a sustainable development ecosystem, says related ICBC official.
PPPs put the health care of impoverished countries like Zambia and Liberia at risk of unjust and unpayable debt.
The minuscule population of wealthy Hindus in Pakistan remains unbothered about their impoverished bretheren, using their adequate resources and political connections to sustain themselves in the country where minorities are discriminated to a large extent.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said more than 570 suspected cases of cholera have been treated in Yemen during the past three weeks, some seven months after the outbreak of the infectious disease was declared in the conflict-plagued impoverished Arab country.
Drug traffickers and smugglers of wildlife and precious wood are financing the incursion of impoverished Guatemalan peasants into Belizean territory, a practice that is decimating the Chiquibul Forest in the western part of the country, environmental NGOs working on the Belize-Guatemala border say.
Simon road in Ouzai, an impoverished coastal strip located just north of the Beirut airport, with burning tires to protest the dumping of industrial residue into the sea.
Khartoum, 26 May (SUNA)- The Minister for Social Security and Welfare, Mashayer Al Dawalab, has stressed that she welcomes any initiative from the civil society organizations that seek to fight poverty in eastern Sudan's most impoverished provinces in the state.
ICBC has recently launched a program to support the employment of impoverished college students, and hire 200 impoverished graduates through targeted recruitment.
UK will be pointlessly impoverished as Asia blossoms with abundant energy.