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To subject a pensioner to a life of penury and impoverishment is a clear violation of his fundamental rights to life and dignity as enshrined in Articles 9 and 14, respectively.
The fragile ecosystem in Pakistan, has lost the productivity of soil through an irrigation system that has outlived its age, impoverishment of plant, animal, soil and water resources has become irreversible and has permanently reduced its capacity to support human life.
What started with a credit crisis in America, traumatised Britain and Europe, developed into riots and impoverishment in Greece, saw a rise of nationalism on our own shores and its fizzing chain reaction led to Brexit.
The humanitarian impact of the successive wars and the eight years long blockade is a concernstill resonating across a large part of the population in Gaza limiting their full enjoyment of rightsand increasing the widespread impoverishment.
Their topics include typological evidence against universal effects of referential scales on case alignment, descriptive scales versus comparative scales, differential argument encoding by impoverishment, argument encoding in directions systems and specificity-driven agree, split marked-s case systems, and scales in real-time language comprehension.
Impoverishment is one of the most widespread socio-economic problem .
The poverty and misery in Macedonia, the daily battle for survival, the fast doubtful money-making of a small number of people and the fast impoverishment of many honorable, hard-working, educated people and professionals, the rule with threats and spreading fear and a life with accumulated stress from the constant propaganda and political aggression of the controlled media create social ideals for manipulations with a primitive populism and fake patriotism.
The Government's further impoverishment of our poorest families, clobbering the vulnerable with nasty policies such as the Bedroom Tax, is Compassionless Conservatism.
Mathur, a visiting professor at the Council for Social Development in Delhi, examines displacement by development rather than as simple government edict, the policies responsible, approaches to resettlement, resettlement in a globalizing world, slum dwellers in urban renewal, flawed resettlement, risks of impoverishment in resettlement, well-intentioned efforts by the World Bank, planning and managing resettlement, restoring livelihoods, and gender bias.
The hope is to prevent further impoverishment of rural farmers and degradation of land while increasing food production to accommodate a growing population.
HS2 just means a bigger vacuum cleaner with a bigger tube, and increasing cultural and material impoverishment of the regions.
A stark picture of the levels and extent of deprivation in the UK today is revealed in the Poverty and Social Exclusion (PSE) first report The Impoverishment of the UK .