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However, the price of its rhetorical persuasiveness is a standard of conduct in the use of AP landmines that appears to be so impracticably high that the legitimacy of its rejection of the ban might not be sustainable.
This showed that reported utilization ranged from none to impracticably high values.
This is important because impeller tip speed becomes impracticably high at Froude numbers in excess of 1.
After all, anyone the least bit familiar with the workings of the new era's definitive technology, the computer, knows that it operates on a principle, impracticably difficult to distinguish from the pre-Enlightenment principle of the magic word: the commands you type into a computer are a kind of speech that doesn't so much communicate as make things happen, directly and ineluctably, the same way pulling a trigger does.
Only in the centuries-old world of transnational Chinese trade could this concept be freed from the vague dreams of those who wished to define it in cultural terms or those expansive nationalists who impracticably expected to incorporate Southeast Asian lands into a territorially-defined Greater China.
Wertime 'The Pyrotechnic Background," in the Coming of the Age of Iron, 13], that it is impracticably brittle.
less than -1 mmol creatinine/L) cannot be compensated because an impracticably large volume would need to be treated.
To achieve a magnification of 30 [yen] to 50 [yen] per inch of aperture, considered ideal for detailed lunar and planetary observing or for resolving double stars, these instruments require either an impracticably short-focus eyepiece or a Barlow lens.
In many cases, an enhanced signal enables experiments that would prove to be impracticably long with ordinary x-ray sources.
The visual aspects of the scores - the careful, complete markings of tempo, dynamics and articulation, as well as the diversity of nineteenth-century printing styles, make one wish, impracticably, to see each song as it originally appeared.
Considering the federal designation process "is normally completed within seven working days from the date the [BOP's Designation and Sentence Computation Center] receives all case documents," convicted defendants would have an impracticably small window of time to contact and retain counsel and prepare filings.