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Our TVR Chimaera and Lotus Elise are in the mould of all the classic British sports cars of the past, but with fewer impracticalities.
However, the star of the show was undoubtedly a lovable rogue called Al, who kept us - and to be fair - the whole of Torquay entertained with his various antics which included brandishing a blow up sheep at the football match, generously handing out a seemingly endless supply of glow sticks in the bizarrely named VD nightclub and - despite the physical impracticalities - provocatively pole dancing in one of the bars.
NFU president Ben Gill met Commissioner Burns a few weeks ago to highlight the impracticalities of this scheme and in particular explained the Welsh content to him in terms of sheep flock sizes.
This is due to the inefficiencies and impracticalities associated with the extraction and analysis of information from tissues.
The front apron has been raised to help it get over the impracticalities posed by ramps and the camber of normal roads.
Collier went on: "The impracticalities of cloning racehorses make the proposition an impossibility.
If there are impracticalities surrounding them being placed in Durham Cathedral, or on Lindisfarne, then I see no reason why a permanent home could not be found for them somewhere in the North East, perhaps in Durham City, which is where Cuthbert's coffin and remains lie.
It is inevitable that some people will never or rarely attempt to see their GP because of the impracticalities of not only getting an appointment but arranging one which doesn't clash with their work commitments.
And, let's face it, there is absolutely no point at all in putting up with allthe impracticalities and inconvenience of a coupA if it doesn't make you feel and look special.
2201 includes many impracticalities and policy conclusions on which
The sights along the way make up for the impracticalities of the journey.
It is understood the BBC may consider constructing Albert Square elsewhere due to the impracticalities of visiting the original set.