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If south-eastern prices don't show him the impracticality of his plan, remark on how sad it is that so much has changed and suggest he'd be better compiling a memory-lane record of people and places.
There is a certain impracticality to him, as there was to Maximillian.
I've often been sceptical when I've heard clerks of the course talk about the impracticality and financially prohibitive nature of covering a two-mile strip of grass in order to avoid a major financial blow to their employers.
Neither can the impracticality of such a solution be used as evidence against the reasonableness of Arab unity.
With its wedged profile and two-door impracticality for families, the Coupe is targeted at a younger, more active buyer.
Another benefit lies in the fact that users' IDs can be checked at regular intervals - a virtual impossibility before, because of the impracticality of customers continually sending through valuable documents.
In addition to imagining this childish land of self-centred wish fulfillment, Barrie also poked gentle fun at its utter impracticality.
Chapters address the challenges of striving for innovation, warn against the impracticality of "inside-the-box" advertisement, the importance of distinctive advertising (far more so than having a distinctive product
To help achieve centralization of control, many IT departments have implemented KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switching systems, which evolved from the impracticality of having separate keyboards, monitors and mice for each system within a server room.
Metal retractable roofs have added a further boost to the open-air brigade, dispensing with the impracticality of soft tops, as well as improving the acoustics.
Muslim nations have gotten a bit stuck because they've been able to rely on their book, while the impracticality of the Bible (including its radical anti-materialism) forced Christians to jettison it in favor of oral traditions.