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Although many Republicans raised concerns about the costs and impracticality of the measure, H.
The ACLI told the Supreme Court it wants to file a brief on the problems caused by the circuits' clashing claim decision reviews standards, and on what it believes to be the impracticality of including stock option income in insured income.
Three main requirements must apply for a banned substance to be exempted in an application: technical or scientific impracticality of the removal or substitution of the hazardous substance through a change in design; negative environmental, health, and/or consumer safety impacts caused by substitution, which outweigh benefits of hazardous substance removal; and it feasible substitutes currently do not exist for industrial and/or commercial scale production.
Ironically, the impracticality of a military response to Iran's obstinacy could make it easier for the U.
Technical Advice Memorandum 200437030 discusses the question of administrable impracticality in an evaluation of how gift certificates should be treated.
If south-eastern prices don't show him the impracticality of his plan, remark on how sad it is that so much has changed and suggest he'd be better compiling a memory-lane record of people and places.
I've often been sceptical when I've heard clerks of the course talk about the impracticality and financially prohibitive nature of covering a two-mile strip of grass in order to avoid a major financial blow to their employers.
The emerging impracticality of some of Le Corbusier's residential buildings, the structural inadequacies of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and Guggenheim Museum, and the technical problems of some of Louis Kahn's buildings are now all too apparent.
Neither can the impracticality of such a solution be used as evidence against the reasonableness of Arab unity.
Dispatching the Golani soldiers to the dangerous duty of entering the heart of Arab Gaza to prevent terrorist attacks during the evacuation was one way of avoiding the impracticality of jailing an entire elite unit.
With its wedged profile and two-door impracticality for families, the Coupe is targeted at a younger, more active buyer.
Another benefit lies in the fact that users' IDs can be checked at regular intervals - a virtual impossibility before, because of the impracticality of customers continually sending through valuable documents.