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Demographically, economically, and moreover impractically we are in no position to warrant the intake of refugees, thousands of whom have bypassed perfectly safe, quite well-off neighbouring countries to reach the Atlantic coastline of Europe.
Clearly these pieces were all formed by the same imagination -- by the standards of conventional aesthetics and utility, all have an impractically unfinished quality about them.
This further undermines the efficacy of even class action lawsuits for supracompetitive pricing due to the need to choose between either impractically complex litigation or an incomplete list of defendants that excludes manufacturers.
Plus page numbers are printed sideways on the sides of pages, an impractically daft idea at best.
HALF A CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE, however, has shown that the conceptual lines between guarding wilderness, improving it, or impractically trying to recapture an earlier stage of evolution are much less clear in practice.
And yet impractically, recklessly, in the middle of Criminal Constitutional Law, she found herself thinking of Cora.
Regrettably, due to the numerous errors scattered throughout its pages, as well as the impractically small size of the cartoon reproductions, this book does not meet the mark.
Apparently the cable ran through the fields and then impractically suspended over the river to reach the pump house and deliver electricity.
Allow selection of small set of test configurations from impractically large set.
This week, while President Barack Pyjamas was going about his business in his (thoroughly impractically coloured) workplace, a toddler decided he waned to explore the grounds of his nation's HQ - and promptly squeezed through the fence.
These petrol-guzzling buses are also impractically big for our towns' narrow roads, but nobody thought of this when their purchase was being decided.