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Despite the general dislike of cursing and imprecations, the Muslim legal tradition does allow for the use of curses, specifically a "May I be damned if I am lying" self-curse (li'an), in cases of accusations of adultery without the requisite four witnesses.
The Donkey, Symbol of the Inauspicious in Indian Tradition To understand the rationale behind this blatant imprecation and imagery, we need to consider the association of the donkey in the Indian tradition with infertility, folly, destruction and inauspicious events.
It cannot be forgotten that, in amongst the imprecations to be quick, cheap and easy to get at, QCAT still operates under an overarching obligation: to be just, to meet these goals of speed and economy while still 'achieving justice', to always act fairly and in accordance with the substantial merits of the case and, of course, to pursue natural justice.
I was uttering imprecations against all the gods of runners and the overweight, because a muscle popped means a month off running, just when the mornings are light but not too hot, the winds have dropped and running is almost (I say almost, because it is never really) a pleasure.
When this failed, and when even his own Arab kinsmen rejected him, he moved to Medina and refurbished his "theology" to include an abundance of dire warnings and imprecations such as "Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme" (2:193).
The imprecations against "progress" and the automatization of humanity--what, in a subsequent book, Miller would call the "air-conditioned nightmare"--are not very different to those hurled by Louis-Ferdinand C61ine in those same years, in books similarly full of insults against the inhumanity of modern life, or Ezra Pound, for whom "mercantile" society meant the end of civilization.
Thankfully, no violence occurred at the 2007 parade, though hundreds of anti-gay activists lined the route shouting imprecations and holding hateful signs.
They can spring sudden surprises with perfect comic timing, as when they deliver an unexpected tribute after heaping the following imprecations on Of Education, Milton's draconian plan for pedagogical reform: "Repressive, prescriptive, elitist, masculinist, militaristic, dustily pedantic, class-ridden, and affectionless, Milton's nightmarish model for English education would, of course, have been unendurable to anyone as instinctively oppositional as its designer" (181).
If walls have ears, cars can hear even worse - people gibbering to themselves, out of tune singing to the radio, not to mention curses and imprecations against other drivers and dark muttered secrets.
Baker revels in the role of cantankerous outsider, hurling imprecations at Toronto law professors from his redoubt at the University of Guelph where he is an assistant professor of political science.
There are two women who sit on their stoop here, smoking and muttering dark imprecations like the Graeae missing a sister.
The only occupant, an old woman, muttered Swabian imprecations as she swept up the broken glass, making the intruder feel guilty.