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With this in mind, the imprecise DESA problem can be outlined in terms of best lower bound and best upper bound for each DMU, where [??]
Afkham said the imprecise and biased interpretations made of the remarks of the Iranian presidential adviser were only aimed at promoting Iranophobia to stir a rift among the regional countries at a time when the Iraqi army and popular forces had made a chain of victories in their combat against ISIL.
The HRW has based its opinion on imprecise facts and biased views.
Wyndham has accurately explained them [and I am confident she has), the documents are written in typical diplomatic Language, which means they are verbose but dangerously imprecise. Consequently, they lend themselves to myriad interpretations.
The influential Commons Public Accounts Committee has previously questioned government claims the reforms will generate PS2.6 billion savings, warning the figure is based on "incomplete and imprecise" information.
Motor Trend reported that the transmission's throws were imprecise, which led to missed gears.
Amnesty said it had witnessed daily air attacks, artillery and mortar strikes in towns and villages in the region, and the use of such imprecise weaponry against residential areas had led to a dramatic rise in civilian casualties.
The Commons Public Accounts Committee has questioned the pounds 2.6bn savings figure in the past, warning that it is based on "incomplete and imprecise" information.
The contracting authority in a restricted tendering procedure must seek clarification from a tenderer whose tender seems abnormally low, but not when the tender is imprecise or does not meet the technical requirements of the tender specifications.
Acts of violence had erupted, on Wednesday, in Kasserine following a peaceful demonstration staged in protest against the presentation, on Tuesday at the NCA inaugural session, of an incomplete and imprecise list of the region's martyrs.
Meanwhile, the Higher Management Committee, during a meeting held earlier, was briefed about the status of the 17,000 transactions for identity cards that were returned to the typing offices for the respective applicants to correct imprecise data or add missing information.
of Technology, Austria) explains how to perform statistical analysis of data that is inherently imprecise. He describes the necessary foundations of fuzzy models and basic statistical analysis methods for fuzzy samples, both generalized classical statistical procedures and generalized Bayesian inference procedures.