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I return to that imprecise art that is journalism and the legend of never letting the facts spoil a good story.
But no, it fades away, then returns, having circled the earth it returns, like the seasons, which now cluster in seeds, now spring forth, on space-time's imprecise courses, statistically averaged they spring forth again, in accordance with imprecise laws.
Heydenreich understands the external world as a mysterious and shifting terrain within which our position is correspondingly unstable; hence her interest in the technologies of direction finding and course plotting, however imprecise their operation.
A few previous finds had shown signs that some ancient mammals were substantially larger than shrews and rats, but the fossils were so fragmentary that the size estimates were imprecise.
Archbishop Penna, head of the Bishops' Commission of Life and Family, surprised Father Lodi by giving a neutral discourse very imprecise in its content.
Designing with light has always been an important element of architecture, yet the ways in which architects can visualize this intangible building material have hitherto been imprecise.
They will not rejoice, however, that it is somewhat cumbersome and imprecise.
The colored sneakers and white socks that visually isolate the dancers' feet drew attention to the fact that their footwork was imprecise, while in the interests of honoring the strictures of ballet battements and arabesques, their normally flashing legwork took on a constrained air.
Pierluigi Calignano, by contrast, produces imprecise objects, or ones in which precision becomes an ambiguous concept (and not only because the artist enjoys encouraging objects' nonfunctional connotations and creating incongruous juxtapositions in a surrealist vein).