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Caption: Figure 8: RMSEs produced by FKF and FOUF with imprecisely defined noise statistics: (a) the first state and (b) the second state.
However, analyses indicated that available measures explained only a third of the decrease in the risk, indicating that unmeasured or imprecisely measured factors explained a substantial proportion of the change.
The biopsy of the sinus mucosa (maxillary, ethmoid, frontal, sphenoid) showed multiple areas of ulceration with moderate edema and mixed inflammatory infiltrate, extensive vasculitis phenomena with the presence of fibrinoid necrosis and strong intramural inflammatory infiltration with neutrophils and formation of microabscesses; some vascular lesions leading to the appearance of geographic necrosis; "palisades" of histiocytes and multinucleated giant cells forming granulomas, imprecisely delineated.
Participants with high-TBB handwipe levels had 1.99 times the urinary TBBA concentrations of participants with low handwipe levels, although associations were imprecisely estimated (tertile 3 vs.
Today's Israelites, among the world's best educated, most sophisticated and cultured of peoples, have sunk to depths of heartless and imprecisely targeted retaliation that outrage even their own supporters.
While most seed catalogs interchange the terms "drought tolerance" and "drought resistance," these terms are often used imprecisely to describe a whole suite of desert-plant adaptations.
Goosen's volume is a commendably clear and concise treatment of the religious phenomenon variously and imprecisely termed "hybridity," "syncretism," "hyphenated religious identity," "multiple belonging," or "dual belonging." The title's "hyphenated Christians" intends loosely "dual religious belonging in some shape or form" (1), but throughout, G.
Among the topics are interval mathematics as a potential weapon against uncertainty, constructing normal fuzzy numbers using the mathematics of partial presence, reaction-diffusion problems with stochastic parameters using the generalized stochastic finite difference method, a case study from the Indian software industry of a new approach for suggesting takeover targets based on computational intelligence and information retrieval methods, and the uncertain static and dynamic analysis of imprecisely defined structural systems.
The Army's current requirement to engage area targetes and imprecisely located targets is currently satisfied by GMLRS DPICM.
More specifically, I missed a relational approach to the state, which I believe is necessary to assess how people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds deal with and adapt to the process dubbed conveniently (and imprecisely) 'Islamization', and with the gradual intrusion of state structures in religious and (for lack of a better term) 'cultural' spheres.
The term "terrorism" has been widely but imprecisely used.