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LDL, the imprecisely named "bad" cholesterol, has several different subtypes, and not all of them are bad at all--quite the contrary.
Research, it is said, must be done as imprecisely as possible; otherwise, one would have to go in for a complete census instead of a sample survey of the population.
In this comment on Block and Barnett (2012), I attempt to clarify the meaning of the concept of transitivity, which is portrayed imprecisely in their paper.
The MUT with thickness d=1 cm is imprecisely located in the WR90 rectangular waveguide of sections (22.
The authors calculated that the effect sizes are roughly equivalent to two to three months of learning, but they indicated that this can only be estimated imprecisely and it should be interpreted with caution.
In contrast to the (controversial) 'objectless' understanding of OSR, CSR does accept objects (which Cao often a bit imprecisely refers to as 'entities') in its ontology.
This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: Correction: October 26, 2012 An earlier version of this article described imprecisely the status of Jafar Panahi, a convicted Iranian filmmaker.
Again, lead sinks too slowly and imprecisely to consistently hit the target.
Erastianism is a historical term often used imprecisely as a virtual synonym with Max Weber's caesaropapism, that is, a more or less absolute dominance of the civil authority exercised over spiritual matters and ministry.
Fuzzy finite element approach for the analysis of imprecisely defined systems, AIAA Journal 33(12): 2364-2370.
Overall, Ritchie's work is conceptually undisciplined in its treatment of both the Enlightenment and postmodernism, expanding the reach of both too far by defining both terms too imprecisely.
However, the court acknowledged that at the summary judgment hearing, despite the best efforts of the Superior Court to clarify the claims Barbara intended to pursue, Barbara described her lack of consent claim imprecisely.