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In these researches, the fuzzy theory is used for description and analysis of the engineering systems in the presence of vagueness or impreciseness.
The court concluded that UCH was responsible for any error made in its request for a specific jury finding or any impreciseness in its request that the jury indicate which of the two theories were relied on.
Zadeh (1965) argued that conventional quantitative techniques are inadequate in studying a humanistic system, because they are not equipped to handle the impreciseness of so many such systems and they implicitly assume that precise numerical inputs for the decision analysis are obtainable.
Moreover, the impreciseness of descriptions of Terry's poetic form that vary from doggerel to roughhewn verse to ballad of rhymed tetrameter couplets, are significant indicators of the unique richness of the poet's inspiration and the complexity of translating from oral to written form.
Heavy stuff, this, and little wonder that some audiences were short of temper when vocal ambiguities were harnessed to philosophical impreciseness within asynchronous meditations.
17 The impreciseness of the term "hymn" and its various definitions by different authors make it unusable (see below).
Unfortunately the brevity and impreciseness of these works pose problems of interpretation.
Pratolini's reluctance to precisely name the politics involved evokes a kind of impreciseness attendant on the adolescence so characteristic of a certain vintage Neorealism (Vittorini of Il garofano rosso, Calvino of Il sentiero dei nidi del ragno, Pavese of La luna e i falo, and so forth); like adolescents, Ugo and Osvaldo seek definition, but not necessarily one that sharply distinguishes them from their cohort.
The author notes an inherent weakness of the historic-geographic method - the impreciseness of its key elements, tale types and motifs.
Means and Kazenski(10) and Gujarathi and Saros(11) identify the FASB's intent with the conceptual goal of capitalizing "avoidable interest" and consider the impreciseness of the computational guidelines a mistake.
Until scientists are more successful at setting up and solving these equations a description and interpretation of the observations and experiments in genetics and population biology will necessarily incorporate an element of indeterminacy and thus impreciseness of language.
It is shown that with suitable interpretations for the fuzzy membership functions, a fuzzy relational data model can be used to represent ambiguities in data values as well as impreciseness in the association among them.