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Confidence intervals and power calculations for within-person biological variation: effect of analytical imprecision, number of replicates, number of samples, and number of individuals.
Those features render SC particularly suitable for analyzing medical data, which is typically characterized by imprecision and the presence of noise.
Imprecision and bias are the major contributors of MU for quantitative assays.
The conventional approach for handling the implementation imprecisions is to complete the controller verification and validation (V&V) inside an iterative loop, that is too costly and time consuming [5].
According to the National Cholesterol Education Program, for cholesterol the allowed bias is [+ or -] 3% and imprecision is [+ or -] 6%.
Sin embargo, no son las caracteristicas de (in)definitud o de (in)especificidad las que se analizaran en el presente estudio (5), sino el rasgo de imprecision que Eguren y Sanchez atribuyen a la semantica de cierto, como se explica a continuacion.
Yet, in order to quantify the magnitude of the imprecision, we revised our analysis to remove the number of residences built in 2009 and afterwards and used the 2011 census data.
An estimate of short-term imprecision can be estimated by running 20 different control vials within a single day and a long-term imprecision can be estimated by running 3 different levels daily over a 20 day period.
Based on Bland-Altman plot data and imprecision studies, the Helena system appears more similar with the Beckman system, although neither the Helena nor the Sebia systems are identical to the Beckman system.
The imprecision of "chilly," for example, quickly conveys a comparison and judgment that isn't necessarily captured by a precise temperature reading.
All the planets and smaller bodies gravitationally influence each other, so that any imprecision in today's trajectories becomes multiplied by a factor of ten every 10 million years.
His thesis is that the current definition of the term is "amorphous" and "inconsistent," and that until a more precise and accurate definition is accepted fascist studies will remain mired in imprecision and controversy.