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While he elaborates on the impregnability or inaccessibility of Regan's home, the insides of which we never can explore in the play, surprisingly he omits a discussion of France, the location of Corddia's new home from which she returns to rescue her father and her state.
shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself." (26) So important was this principle to the Framers of the Constitution that they took from England what had formerly been a "mere rule of evidence" (27) and "clothed [it] in this country with the impregnability of a constitutional enactment." (28) Finding that the rights embodied in the Fifth Amendment and incorporated to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment were not properly safeguarded by law enforcement, the Supreme Court took preventative action.
After building up an air of impregnability during his first two years in charge, Capello has seemed to do little right since he launched the ill-fated 'Capello Index'.
But our judges seem to take it as a shield that grants them impregnability.
These concrete elements of materiality and impregnability are further reinforced by the clear opening of its "fractured roof" which admits the brilliant light of day.
If all went well for the Germans--as it eventually did--Allied forces, assuming that their southern flank was protected by the impassibility of the Ardennes and the impregnability of the Maginot Line, would move northeast to repulse what to them seemed like the only sound avenue of approach.
Contacts with the masses, the strengthening of these contacts, readiness to listen to the voice of the masses--in this lies the strength and impregnability of Bolshevik leadership ...
(45) It was "a statement of the impregnability of Catholic doctrine in its spiritual significance, along with a fearless recognition of historical facts." (46)
The April win continued Leinster's impregnability at the RDS, and gave them their third win in the last four meetings with their bitter rivals.
On the wind-swept top, impregnability is newly defined, and wonder at human ingenuity is refreshed.
real estate market multiplying like a virus, it's no surprise that the impregnability of Manhattan's market is being questioned.