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The concept suggests impregnability and defiance against intrusion.
45) It was "a statement of the impregnability of Catholic doctrine in its spiritual significance, along with a fearless recognition of historical facts.
Manner and tradition demand Katharine must wait for a suitor to call on her at home, and while pondering this situation, she "began to dislike all trained nurses as much as her mammy did, and to share her doubt about the impregnability of their virtue.
The April win continued Leinster's impregnability at the RDS, and gave them their third win in the last four meetings with their bitter rivals.
On the wind-swept top, impregnability is newly defined, and wonder at human ingenuity is refreshed.
real estate market multiplying like a virus, it's no surprise that the impregnability of Manhattan's market is being questioned.
Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has been a fiefdom of feudal lords whose only concern is with the impregnability of their authority and the replenishment of their coffers.
This switch from the "first body" to the "second body" represented Du Fu's doubts about the sovereign's immortality and the impregnability of the dynastic house.
in furious denial of that impregnability strove to drown in the black abyss of its own creating.
And with Dietmar Hamann and Michael Johnson forming the first shield of protection, Eriksson has constructed a defensive structure with a distinct air of impregnability.
New double-glazed units can include built-in multi-point locks, which have a feel of impregnability.
Earlier Warwickshire's overnight pair stretched their partnership to epic proportions in batting their side into a position of utter impregnability.