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Their lead is not impregnable because the likes of No1 Amalgamated and Eston Labour have both played two games fewer.
Three midget submarines are sent to destroy the Tirpitz, a German battleship holed up in a seemingly impregnable position.
A small, pleasant, American town finds itself trapped underneath an impregnable dome.
Here, those who had direct personal connections to the lad, as well as photographs never before seen on television, paint a far less disturbing picture of a young boy who grew up in a rarefied - but not impregnable - social circle.
The Prime Minister's majority in the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath seat is a seemingly impregnable 18,216 but Hills have cut their odds on him losing the constituency at the next election from 10-1 to 8-1.
Waterloo have improved considerably and must fancy their chances against Stourbridge this weekend what with their defence becoming almost impregnable with both forwards and backs scarcely missing a tackle.
played out in February 1995 when, after Villa had built a seemingly impregnable 4-1 lead, which they then squandered in the last 12 minutes for Leicester to salvage a point at the end.
We have turned our stadium into an impregnable fortress and I don't give Tottenham much chance of knocking us out.
Finding an impregnable market niche is another strategy.
When subsequently told that Confederate officers had thought their position on Missionary Ridge was impregnable, Grant himself retorted, "Well, it was impregnable.
Making the most of some talented young backs to perform in their traditional free-running style, the Old Boys ran in five tries to establish what looked like an impregnable 33-7 interval lead.