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They stressed that Syria will ever remain the impregnable fortress in the face of any aggression that tries to defile its pure land, and that every inch of Syria's land will be liberated of terror and hatred including the occupied Syrian Golan.
So great and impregnable is this wall, that we also celebrate the completion of it's building every year on Republic Day!
On the occasion, the Air Chief assured the Naval Chief of Pakistan Air Force`s full support and pledged to work together in making defence of the country impregnable.
The temperature in the two hundred million cubic metre mine is a constant 13C, there is no daylight and it is virtually impregnable to outsiders.
Frankel looked as impregnable as ever on his most recent start in the Queen Anne Stakes at Royal Ascot.
NNA - 31/5/2012 - Head of the Lebanese Democratic Party and MP Talal Arslan hailed Syrian President Bashar Assad who is standing as "an impregnable dam in the face of strife and confessionalism.
Washington, Mar 1( ANI ): American military planners have said that Iran's underground nuclear sites are not impregnable and could be conquered with the help of its bunker-busters.
"BDF will remain an impregnable shield of the homeland and a strong bond to our brothers in the GCC.
highway-- the grain is at twenty centimeters, an impregnable bed for
Their lead is not impregnable because the likes of No1 Amalgamated and Eston Labour have both played two games fewer.
Three midget submarines are sent to destroy the Tirpitz, a German battleship holed up in a seemingly impregnable position.
A small, pleasant, American town finds itself trapped underneath an impregnable dome.