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Soeharto's New Order, which seemed so impregnably stable for decades, has ultimately failed to bring "order" to the archipelago.
Well a short time ago, veteran Labour MP Roy Hughes, 71, surprised everybody by announcing at the last minute that he would not contest his impregnably safe Newport East constituency.
In Hellas Ahasuerus describes how the visible universe is "bastioned impregnably / Against the escape of boldest thoughts, repels them / As Calpe the Atlantic clouds" (S, 774-76).
An unelected government, an unelected House of Lords, an unelected monarchy, an impregnably all-powerful nancial system.
impregnably in the necessities of the social state, that its vindication
In a Nation article on Richard Holbrooke's involvement in the 1980 massacres of dissidents in Korea, Tim Shorrock likened Holbrooke's Washington team to Graham Greene's Quiet American, "impregnably armoured by his good intentions and his ignorance" ["Debacle in Kwangju" December 9, 1996].