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After the paper is impregnated, it is partially cured ("B" stage) using curing ovens.
"It is after interrogation that she revealed that it was the father who impregnated her after defiling the girl many times," a police source said.
For compressive strength, it is measured that results in both impregnated concrete samples slightly increase because material properties are improved only within the impregnated depth (below 10 mm).
Of the seven monkeys tested, five impregnated a female within months of going off the vaccine.
We report results from a series of laboratory experiments in which we impregnated unbeaten bleached kraft pulp handsheets with dextran solution as a model strength-enhancing polymer.
Catheters impregnated with chlorhexidine-silver sulfadiazine are commercially available.
Vimto Soft Drinks Ltd have found that the use of silver impregnated carbons has neutralized the water-borne bacteria that occur with significantly increased frequency during the Summer months.
A prefectural livestock breeding center confirmed Tuesday that it has successfully impregnated a cow at the center using embryos cloned from the somatic cells of cows, while a quasi-governmental research center has said it had also succeeded in impregnating a cow using a similar technique.
Request for quotations : purchase of bar transferable impregnated for a switch
A fiber preform is made by superposing and bonding impregnated fabric layers.
Gordon Gallup at the University at Albany-SUNY has claimed that women who consume sperm from the male who impregnated them are likely to counteract the common side effect during pregnancy.
According to Tong Kot, a student of law in the University of Juba, "in customary law, a person has never been imprisoned simply because he conceived with, or impregnated a girl, even during the years I spent in law school.