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The degree of PF impregnation was calculated based on the weight difference of the ovendried sample before and after impregnation.
As such, direct impregnation of PF resin solutions in the freeze-dried aerogels proved to be difficult.
The paper presents the description, results and result analysis for the effect of fire-protection impregnation with a salt-containing agent, made by a vacuum-and-pressure method, on wood strength.
Keywords: wood, strength, elevated temperatures, preservation of fireproof, vacuum-pressure impregnation.
Industrial Impregnations specialises in sealing tiny imperfections in sealing castings by using vacuum technology.
Oldbury-based Industrial Impregnations provides vacuum impregnation services for sealing castings.
The unit delivers both dry vacuum and over-pressure impregnation operations--which have been shown to optimise impregnation integrity and quality--alongside integrated component washing to produce sealed and perfectly clean parts.