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Mind you, those Yankees have a rather sorry record of wanting to be both impregnator and midwife at national births, or rebirths!
"Fertile Flatulence: Monstrous Paternity in Basile's 'Viola'" considers Basile's parody of the wind as great impregnator as an ogre believes that his flatulence and a lovely tree must have fathered a beautiful human girl.
It was exciting to find a 1940 Diamond T truck with a Fords grinding mill and molasses impregnator mounted on the back at the Bucyrus show.
(32) It is the threat of the "devil" Malvolio as impregnator, as instigator of forbidden sexual relations, that provides the link with the devilish sexual effect of Viola's costuming herself as the male Cesario.
There is no baby born but he clearly thus crosses over into the most profound realm of the hermaphrodite: the pregnant impregnator. My research has shown that, while there have been many claims that this has happened, none has ever been proven.
He thus becomes both impregnator of and matrix to his beloved's vanished image, both father and mother to the object of his love and art, staging, as Elisabeth Bronfen puts it, "a triumph over death figured as the triumph over natural maternal birth, genius over gynein....
Internal-mix resin-roller impregnator mixes resin and catalyst at the roller and introduces catalyzed resin inside the perforated roller, where it is evenly distributed.
What The Impregnator must do instead is keep Charlotte Church up the duff for as long as possible.
Herself a single mother at the time, Weldon writes to the woman, explaining that her impregnator obviously gave her a phony address and that she'll be getting no support from him.
(6) Briefly, these authors posit a model where, in a world of easily accessed abortion services, some women would get pregnant and then make the decision to abort versus carry-to-term based on further information (for example, whether the impregnator is willing to marry her).
Two other items pertaining to relations with women also loaded at the specified limit, suggestive of the impregnator theme found by Gilmore (1990).
MDF pieces, 8 by 8 by 1.2 cm in size, were placed in a decompression impregnator that contained liquid phenolic resin, and impregnated at 1 atmospheric pressure, with the percentage of resin impregnation ranging from 50 to 82 percent.