impress upon the mind

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We impress upon the mind of our students the importance of knowledge in the light of this saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)', he added.
Every effort was made to impress upon the mind of the movie-going public that this is no ordinary film; instead, it is a preview of our likely future.
North Dakota's is typical in declaring that public schools should "emphasize all branches of knowledge that tend to impress upon the mind the importance of truthfulness, temperance, purity, public spirit, and respect for honest labor of every kind." In current educational jargon, this approach is called "values inculcation."
One of the most difficult concepts to impress upon the minds of outsiders is that Pakistanis and Muslims are not terrorists; we are the victims of a tiny and fringe group of rabid madmen.
will impress upon the minds of all those who see it the two prime factors great-grandfather had in mind in developing the game of baseball--good sportsmanship and fair play." (7)
Code 44806 tells us that it is the duty of teachers to "impress upon the minds of pupils the principles of morality, truth, justice, patriotism, and a true comprehension of rights, duties, and dignity of American citizenship ..." The code further directs us to teach students to ...