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It was then, as has been said, that she impressed him most deeply.
Hayward turned to Philip with the slightly condescending gesture which so impressed the youth.
The love of pleasure and excitement which seems in a large measure to possess the French people impressed itself upon me.
He had been greatly impressed by their physical beauty and the promise of superior intelligence which their well-shaped skulls gave.
And yet, above all most of all, Daylight was impressed by the terrific and almost awful cleanness of the man.
Doctor Wybrow was not favourably impressed by her smile-- there was something at once sad and cruel in it.
I had probably slept only a few minutes, but my commonplace dream had somehow so strongly impressed me that I was no longer drowsy; and after a little while I rose, pushed the embers of my fire together, and lighting my pipe proceeded in a rather ludicrously methodical way to meditate upon my vision.
He who most closely studies the action of the sea on our shores, will, I believe, be most deeply impressed with the slowness with which rocky coasts are worn away.
From the fifth sitting the portrait impressed everyone, especially Vronsky, not only by its resemblance, but by its characteristic beauty.
I shall relate events that impressed me with feelings which, from what I had been, have made me what I am.
We cheered again; and the Malays in the boats stared--very much puzzled and impressed.
His sister Winnie had impressed upon him (in the omnibus) that Mr Verloc would be found at home in a state of sorrow, and must not be worried.