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Considering the influential role of media messages and people impressibility from them, investigating and analyzing the role of the movies on audiences' criteria and lifestyle especially on their marital relations made it as a suitable subject for scientific research.
By the investigation of these relations, the structure of effectiveness and impressibility hierarchy is achieved helping us in improving the identification of priority of the compatibility factors in the banks.
The real site of each factor in final hierarchy is defined by R+J columns, sum of effects and R-J difference of mutual effects in the chart as R+J indicates the sum of the intensity of an important factor in terms of effectiveness and impressibility along the length axle and R-J indicates location of a factor along the width axle and this location in case of being positive R-J is effective and if it is negative, it is an impressed factor.
Regarding rough relations between elements of every system and their influences on each other and their impressibility, and also that only one set of coordinated and matchable elements can act properly for reaching to considered goals, it is necessary that mediums and educational methods to be selected carefully.
These results were in good agreement with the findings of Yoshida and Hara [32], and Zelifeh [33] who reported that different impressibility of grain weight from temperature and also temperature effect on maturity period duration and final weight besides the relationship between grain size and the filling period.