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Archibald said: "When I was given the preferred-bidder status I was under the impressio that I would be in a position to take control of the club in a matter of weeks.
En 1901 edita "L'Avenc" y a cargo, esta vez, de Cebria de Montoliu, un ensayo en siete capitulos, John Ruskin seguido de Fragments tradui'ts de l'angles; Cebria de Montoliu, traductor de Whitman y Shakespeare, fue el introductor en Catalunya de la ciencia civica y revelador de John Ruskin, con cuyas doctrinas avanzadas muestra una total compenetracion, afirmando asi en su "Proposit" inicial de John Ruskin que tal ensayo fue escrito "baix la impressio de la noticia de la seva mort, i en qual treball me vaig proposar--que no es poc, per cert--fer una especie de sintesi del seu pensament multiforme i fluctuant".
But a Heaven crafted from the love of art he shared with painter wife Annie (Annabella Sciorra), a jumble of Renaissance, Impressio nism, Surrealism and Pre-Raphaelite.
Yet, for all the references, it is finally the sight of breathtaking spaces and views that the gaps in between the two towers afford that most impresses, staying in the mind's eye long after the experience and exceeding any impressio left by previous works.
What, after all, is "expression" but a sort of passage from one state to another, in which neither the presumptive beginning and end points are primary, but rather the "no longer" and "not yet" whose impressio they bear.