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The liver impression smears of hepatic coccidiosis described in this study were as described in other works [3, 33].
However, these organisms could not be demonstrated in impression smears or isolated in swab cultures from the eyes of noninfected cattle.
Intestinal impression smears of the later (06 animals) were found as positive for the incidence of acid fast bacilli and later on, their tissue sections were cautiously examined in the laboratory.
Most dermatology texts rely heavily on images, not only to identify the disease in the animal but also to illustrate diagnostic samples from tests, such as tape prep examinations and impression smears. The images in this book are not adequate to allow it to be used solely for the diagnosis of dermatologic diseases in exotic species.
ABL infection was diagnosed by fluorescein-labeled antirabies monoclonal globulin (CENTOCOR) in a fluorescence antibody test (FAT) on impression smears of fresh brain.
organisms were identified on tape impression smears collected from ears.
Impression smears and scrapings were collected from ears and other body lesions for diagnosis.
Peripheral blood smear prepared from ailing animals and impression smears of liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs were taken for bacteriological examination.
Impression smears from cut sections of lungs, liver and heart blood smears were methanol fixed and stained with Giemsa and Grams stain.
Scabs were soaked overnight in sterile water for sufficient moistening so that under surface of scab was used to make effective impression smears by firmly pressing this surface on to microscope slide.