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The problem associated (at least for Bacon) with the exquisite impressionability of the body and mind--with having not only an imaginary skin but the imagination for a skin--is the ontological problem of the surface itself.
38) Second, children's impressionability may indeed be relevant in deciding an establishment-clause issue.
Henry defines this affective and non-intentional content, this original self-manifestation, as the matter of consciousness ("matiere de la conscience" (12)) or the impressionability of the impression.
the capacity to allow Deleuze to become part of one's system), affectivity (to go mad after witnessing a horse being beaten as a sign of one's capacity to be affected), susceptibility, and impressionability is almost always underemphasized or dismissed as being effeminate (yet another dichotomy here), especially in the "civilized" West.
Locke and Rousseau shared a mutual interest in children's education and the child reader and both were concerned with the impressionability of young minds.
Given the impressionability of this period of life, dampened narcissism is likely to stay with them for decades to come.
Mehmud said the common factors are age, impressionability and discontentment.
Therefore it was natural that he was affected by social and political environment of around himself and the most reflection of this impressionability was evident on his sorrows and even on his life.
Past studies also have had contradictory results and have been very limited about this factor and its impressionability from sport.
The subjects are homogenized (except in hereditary objects) to reduce probability of impressionability of dependent variables by disturbing variants, as much as possible.