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How then should he look upon her as of less consequence than himself; as a pretty trifle to caress and grow weary of; and not deal in the greatest seriousness with the affection which he knew that he had awakened in her--so fervid and so impressionable as she was under her reserve; in order that it might not agonize and wreck her?
Love of women was a new thing to him, and, robbed as he had been all his starved life of the affection and kindly fellowship, of either men or women, it is little to be wondered at that he was easily impressionable and responsive to the feeling his strong personality had awakened in two of England's fairest daughters.
My explanation is that Marfa Petrovna was an ardent and impressionable woman and simply fell in love herself--literally fell in love--with your sister.
Why, I wouldn't have a child of mine, an impressionable little thing, live in such a room for worlds.
And the personality of the veteran scientist made so vivid a picture upon the mind of the impressionable young Bell that the grand passion of science became henceforth the master-motif of his life.
That he was an impressionable man I could not doubt.
A child's mind is impressionable and more often than not their understanding of what is good or not is shaped by the games they indulge in.
I believe that there are far better ways of teaching impressionable youngsters about the role of a police officer other than firing toy guns at targets bearing pictures of gangsters.
I'm afraid we'll have to face the unpleasant truth that as long as we drop bombs in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, then it will never be difficult for the extremists to recruit the young and impressionable to their despicable cause.
LEADING universities have been named and shamed by David Cameron for giving a platform to extremists as a new legal duty on institutions to "protect impressionable young minds" was announced.
What we have to do now is come together and do all we can to ensure no more impressionable young people are brainwashed by those behind Isis.
If a man of 50 wishes to pretend to be a girl or boy of 15 he can easily do so, with all the potential that offers to trick a gullible, impressionable youngster.