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His very name carried an impressiveness hardly to be measured without a precise chronology of scholarship.
The parts of hospitality, the connection of families, the impressiveness of death, and a thousand other things, royalty makes its own estimate of, and a royal mind will.
The impressiveness was habitual and not for show, for spectators were few.
These remarks being offered to Mr George Sampson, who had not the courage to come out for single combat, but lurked with his chest under the table and his eyes cast down, Mrs Wilfer proceeded, in a voice of increasing sternness and impressiveness, until she should force that skulker to give himself up.
The fact that, unlike the protests during Ashura on December 27, no one was killed last week added to the impressiveness of the government's efficiency in controlling the streets, a striking contrast to the eight months that followed the disputed June elections.
Dominic Greene features pretty low on the Bond villain impressiveness list, but is passable.
While its prose is commendable, the real quality of the book rests upon the impressiveness of its research and the soundness of its analysis.
Despite its impressiveness, it is the small sculptures such as Ozon opus 1, 1947, and the many Taureau paintings of the mid-1950s were the most striking in this section, as harbingers of Le Corbusier's architecture also in the making at the time, most notably the chapel Notre-Dame du Haut at Ronchamp, 1950-1955.
Not only did the creation of the so-called "permanent way" bring large-scale interventionist engineering into the experience of rural people on a scale never before imagined, with cuttings, bridges and tunnels making light of the givenness of nature, but the sheer power and impressiveness of the railways, their speed and tractive capability undaunted by topography or weather, spoke of human capacities previously unknown to rural people.
Its visual impressiveness aside, Avatar is rather like a fairground ride, fun and thrilling while it's on but it fades a bit in the memory after a few weeks.
Strictly in terms of visuals, this didn't have the flashy impressiveness of her Vermeille win, when she swished from last to first in glorious isolation down the centre of the track.
In "The Dunwich Horror," his characters are too fearful of the monstrous human-alien spawn they must face to engage aesthetically the spectacle of its ritualistic chanting at the top of a mountain: "The weird silhouette on that remote peak must have been a spectacle of infinite grotesqueness and impressiveness, but no observer was in the mood for aesthetic appreciation" ("Dunwich," Dunwich 194).