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With the growing demand for high quality digital print, and no production capabilities, Imprinting was at a crossroads.
Tribe (1973) [2] hypothesized that cells in mitosis tend to rupture during imprinting.
Genomic imprinting is an important mechanism for regulating fetal growth and development and, not surprisingly, faulty imprinting has been linked to human disease.
The new PROSPER Imprinting System will help us take multiple steps out of the process and, ultimately, deliver faster, more effective communications.
To account for differences in genomic imprinting expression, we examined repetitive elements of molecular components.
Today's concept of molecular imprinting has been widely recognized as the most promising methodology for the preparation of different tailor-made materials with selective adsorption.
Functional monomers are responsible for the bonding interactions in the imprinted binding sites, and for noncovalent molecular imprinting protocols, functional monomers are normally used in excess relative to the number of moles of template to favor the formation of template and functional monomer assemblies.
Abnormalities in genomic imprinting could lead to abnormal gene [activation] in the brain--perhaps during critical stages of development--that could increase the risk for autism," he says.
He presented information on aging and epigenetic effects at a November 2005 conference titled "Environmental Epigenomics, Imprinting, and Disease Susceptibility," held in Durham, North Carolina, and sponsored in part by the NIEHS.
Carstens' custom imprinting is available on both its side- and top-opening ring binders, which come in 19 colors.