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Imprisoned people continue to be referred to by numbers rather than names.
The wall around Gaza is just as evil as the wall the Nazis built around the Jewish ghetto in Poland as it serves the same purpose, to allow an aggressor to enjoy the spoils of war, and to imprison the local population.
nhsadmin I agree it's a great event and well done to all who took part but yet again local residents were imprisoned in their own homes.
Another of the film's sexual outsiders is Valerie, a lesbian prisoner of the state whose moving and thematically crucial story is told in flashback after Evey is captured, shorn bald, and cruelly imprisoned. Explains Natasha Wightman, the stunning London actress who plays Valerie, "she finds something, her integrity, which they can't take from her.
When the gentlemen who were imprisoned on the basis of coerced confessions around IRA bombings left prison, they met with psychiatrists.
"Senator McCarthy regularly informed witnesses of their right to decline to answer if they felt an answer might incriminate them," admits Ritchie, hastily insisting that McCarthy "interpreted their refusal to answer a question as an admission of guilt." However, in the very same paragraph Ritchie records that McCarthy "pointed out that membership in the Communist Party was not a crime." This means that while McCarthy took contempt of Congress seriously, he was not seeking to imprison people on the basis of their political beliefs or associations, however loathsome those beliefs or corrupt those associations.
The organization has worked tirelessly to secure freedom and basic human rights (as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948 by the United Nations, but still nonbinding on member states) for people imprisoned or otherwise persecuted as a result of their political or religious beliefs, or because of ethnic or racial conflicts.
Human rights activists, journalists, and others imprisoned by the Uzbek government on politically motivated charges suffer torture and abysmal prison conditions.
Some of the 17 'suspects' in jail have been driven out of their minds and we aren't allowed to know why they have been imprisoned.
citizens imprisoned indefinitely without charge as part of the war on terrorism will supervise civil administration" in newly liberated Iraq, reported the April 4th London Guardian.
"To continue to imprison drug-only offenders mandatorily," he wrote, "is to hamstring further a justice system that controls crime in a daily war of inches, not miles, and that has among its main beneficiaries low-income urban dwellers." He explains: "I view the criminal justice system as a sorting machine.
In June last year the Supreme Court had directed the authorities to expedite efforts in the repatriation of Pakistanis imprisoned in Thailand and Sri Lanka.