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Conduct resulting in denial of discharge included commission of imprisonable offenses and fraudulent concealment of financial record.
The total number of defendants receiving immediate custody in City Court might be higher than these figures indicate, since it would include those so sentenced for imprisonable summary offences such as excess alcohol, or given immediate custody as an alternative to fine payment for non-imprisonable offences such as drunkenness.
The sale (over a period of three months) of more than three grams of crack or cocaine has now been reclassified as having a seriousness-level of "7," and thus is presumptively imprisonable on the first offense.
Sentencing in individual cases is a matter for our independent judiciary and a court may only impose a community order or a custodial sentence where the offence is imprisonable.
If someone has been lacing sausages with the carpet tacks, it is definitely an imprisonable offence".
RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes, of Channel 5's The Dog Rescuers, said: "If someone has been lacing sausages with tacks it is an imprisonable offence.
Normally the maximum penalty would be to get somebody's clothes dry cleaned - it's not imprisonable - but splashing can be easily avoided.
Determining when consent or mistake as to age should be a defence gives rise to interesting and important questions of policy and principle as to the scope of the criminal law, including the issue of the appropriateness of imposing criminal liability for an imprisonable offence in cases where there is no mens rea in relation to a material element of the offence.
You also cannot have a conviction for an imprisonable crime or be a civil servant, judge, police officer or PCSO, member of the armed forces or even a council employee.
Summary: Hundreds of fires tore through Lebanon Tuesday and Wednesday, despite warnings to citizens that fire-starting is an imprisonable offense.
Michele Elliott, director of Kidscape which campaigns against child abuse, said: "The sentence should be an imprisonable one.