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TWO serving Birmingham police officers are to stand trial accused of falsely imprisoning a motorist.
The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) has urged government authorities to reconsider imprisoning people who owe private debts.
Asmara's motivation in imprisoning journalists is unknown in most cases.
Summary: Austrian police have arrested a man on suspicion of imprisoning, beating and sexually abusing his two mentally handicapped daughters.
The defendants' lawyer had argued that the men only met the victim with her consent, and that they were therefore not guilty of kidnapping or imprisoning her.
The alarming statistics were revealed as children's charity Barnardo's says more must be done to avoid imprisoning young people.
A CHILDREN'S charity has warned imprisoning young offenders "does more harm than good" after new figures revealed 35 children aged 14 and under were locked up in Wales last year.
A NORTHUMBERLAND man appeared in court yesterday charged with stabbing a former neighbour and imprisoning him and his girlfriend in their flat.
He is charged with falsely imprisoning and murdering Mr Owen, falsely imprisoning and raping a woman and falsely imprisoning a further man all on the same date.
The court convicted the 58-year-old man of imprisoning his family and of assaulting his wife and one of the children.
Bibi was found guilty this week of falsely imprisoning Nisbah and daughters-in-law Nagina and Tazeem.
A 63-year-old woman was convicted yesterday of falsely imprisoning the three daughters-in-law she treated as "slaves and dogs".