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Pelican Bay imprisons 3,500 people, 1,500 of whom are locked in solitary confinement.
Pelican Bay State Prison was opened in 1989 with over 1,000 cells specifically designed to imprison people in long-term solitary confinement.
Imprisoned people continue to be referred to by numbers rather than names.
Over 2.3 million people are imprisoned in the United States, of whom approximately 80,000 are held in isolation units--with over 12,000 in California alone.
For those imprisoned people who continue to push boundaries, even within isolation units, many prisons have a punishment unit within their isolation units.
It has established an informed critique of police anti-gang profiling with sustained efforts to halt the impact of such profiling on imprisoned people.
In October 2012, the Short Corridor Collective, the multiracial group of strike leaders imprisoned in Pelican Bay that initiated the 2011 hunger strikes, authored an agreement to end hostilities between racial groups in California prisons and jails.
They breathed new life into a movement weary from the steady onslaught of killings, disappearances, and humiliations directed at imprisoned people in prisons, jails, detention centers, and locked psychiatric facilities.
Oklahoma imprisons more of its citizens than any other state except Texas.
If even one-tenth of that number must be imprisoned more or less permanently, the state's minority teenage male population will require four new prisons every year to contain them.
Many of these youths were wrongly imprisoned: they had been removed from their homes because their parents were abusive or neglectful, or the youths had committed minor offenses like curfew violations or truancy.
Hussein, a married father of three, spent more than 23 years in Israeli prisons as he was frequently kidnapped and imprisoned, Al-Khuffash added.