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Despite securing promotion barring a mathematical improbability on Sunday, Albion's players were not as happy as some might expect.
Emerging from many years of discussion among participants of The Disproof Atheism Society, 32 new essays and reprinted articles and book chapters represent most of the important arguments for the improbability of God that have been published since the 1900's.
Whiten says that the "painstaking genetic analysis" and the improbability of an ecological cause suggest that cultural transmission is "the most compelling interpretation" for the bottlenose's penchant for carrying sponges on their beaks.
Aside from the political improbability of such reforms, such changes would create more problems than they would solve.
Final half-hour of "A Season for Miracles" is a holiday grab bag of improbability stacked atop improbability.
Those that care to make the effort can walk through the back of any political wardrobe and instantly find themselves in a parallel universe, a faux-Narnia where nothing is what it seems, good and bad fade into one another, lions and other beasts roam around, wicked kings and queens joust the day away in a cloud of fantasy and tales of mounting improbability accumulate like flies around a corpse on a hot day.
But she said she would worry about zero votes if there was a statistical improbability.
There are new members of staff too creating a web of improbability that even Crossroads would have found difficult to match.
But while in the service, the Napolcom RAB nullified their test results on July 20, 2012, based on a pattern of "analysis," suggesting "statistical improbability."
John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado's first screen tandem is compromised by the improbability that pilot Uno Abusado (Cruz), an eligible but elusive bachelor with a heart-breaking back story, would be forced to let flight attendant trainee, CJ Manalo (Mercado), to stay with him until a paternity test confirms or disproves the lovely stranger's claim.
They were admitted to the PNP but the Napolcom Regional Appellate Board (RAB) ruled on July 20, 2012, to nullify the test results based on a pattern of "analysis," suggesting "statistical improbability."
My personal favourites were his dinner party rant at a New Age hippy in the style of a jazzy beat poem and "If I didn't have you, someone else would do" a clever R&B send-up about the statistical improbability of meeting "the one" at 17.