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The Improbability of Love was described by the judging panel as "a wonderful satire on the art trade, preposterous billionaires, Russian oligarchs and much else, a brilliant conceit faultlessly carried off".
The Improbability Of Love is an ambitious and almost gluttonous read that feels like several books rolled into one.
It has therefore been a cause for both delight and frisson in England that Rothschild--whose previous book was a biography--has written her first novel, The Improbability of Love, as a blistering, uninhibited and hilarious satire of the London art scene.
Olofsson presents students, academics, researchers, and general-interest readers with the second edition of his acclaimed examination of the effects of probability, improbability, irregularities, and risk and chance on our lives.
A world of magic, improbability, and impossibility.
But if you're not a gambler and already assume a rational universe, you may wonder how the improbability principle might apply to more pressing societal problems.
And yet Matt's commitment to his new faith didn't alter the statistical improbability of his being a Tay-Sachs carrier.
Headlines that once lauded Pistorius now focus on his increasing discomfort as a hard-nose prosecutor sets out to paint a picture of inconsistency, improbability and mendacity.
While no stranger to that tendency, what mildly sets "Doll & Em" apart is the female friendship at its core, which grows more interesting once the episodes start getting past the improbability of the premise, and the women's stunning naivete that transforming their relationship from bosom buddies to employer-assistant won't have negative consequences.
The improbability of Kejriwal and Shobhan Sarkar's claims makes them proponents of " wishful thinking".
When LeBron James won his second NBA championship earlier this year, he spoke of the improbability of his journey - ascending to world fame despite growing up with challenges in the inner city.
ANOTHER improbability bubble burst as he bobbed through the time stream.