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The improbability of the existence of a force equal to that object has been discussed and demonstrated in different parts of these papers; but that the futility of the objection under consideration may appear in the strongest light, it shall be conceded for a moment that such a force might exist, and the national government shall be supposed to be in the actual possession of it.
From these several reasons, namely, the improbability of man having formerly got seven or eight supposed species of pigeons to breed freely under domestication; these supposed species being quite unknown in a wild state, and their becoming nowhere feral; these species having very abnormal characters in certain respects, as compared with all other Columbidae, though so like in most other respects to the rock-pigeon; the blue colour and various marks occasionally appearing in all the breeds, both when kept pure and when crossed; the mongrel offspring being perfectly fertile;--from these several reasons, taken together, I can feel no doubt that all our domestic breeds have descended from the Columba livia with its geographical sub-species.
A person must be somewhat habituated to the climate of these countries to perceive the extreme improbability of rain falling at such seasons, except as a consequence of some law quite unconnected with the ordinary course of the weather.
He had a scanty flat crop of hair, in colour and consistency like some very mangy yellow fur tippet; it was so unlike hair, that it must have been a wig, but for the stupendous improbability of anybody's voluntarily sporting such a head.
Apart, however, from the utter improbability that he would offer to talk of it even to his future uncle in-law, I had a strange feeling that Falk's physique unfitted him for that sort of delinquency.
The utter unexpectedness, improbability, and inconceivableness of such an event robbed this vague declaration of all its effect.
Rumour has been busy upon this theme, but here again I must refer to the lady of the store, and say, that if many of the sister Shakers resemble her, I treat all such slander as bearing on its face the strongest marks of wild improbability.
Cruz has also nodded to the improbability of tweaking the Constitution, saying in a Wednesday interview with conservative radio host Michael Medved that "any constitutional amendment by its nature is difficult to achieve.
A world of magic, improbability, and impossibility.
But if you're not a gambler and already assume a rational universe, you may wonder how the improbability principle might apply to more pressing societal problems.
Headlines that once lauded Pistorius now focus on his increasing discomfort as a hard-nose prosecutor sets out to paint a picture of inconsistency, improbability and mendacity.
The improbability of Kejriwal and Shobhan Sarkar's claims makes them proponents of " wishful thinking".