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"[T]aking stock of fifteen years' worth of experience with administrative improbity cases suggests that they are not entirely effective in the courts, whether as a result of the slowness of the proceedings, numerous dilatory appeals, or, frequently, judges' concerns about MP's authority to act in this arena, as when they fail to recognize the legal legitimacy of suits or the legality of procedures adopted during the investigation.
(5.) Their ineligibility stems from a host of disqualifying factors including overweight, moral improbity, violations of the law, medical conditions, dependents, low test scores, and so forth.
Klayman can chase those he deems a part of the Clinton conspiracy to destroy Administration foes--sometimes uncovering actual improbity, as in the Bacon matter--and information he obtains can end up in Starr's hands.
As announced by the Company on December 22, 2017, the Federal Prosecutors Office (Ministerio Publico Federal MPF) filed a claim based on the Brazilian Improbity Act with the Federal Court in Rio de Janeiro against, among others, SBM Offshore Group Companies.
The Improbity Lawsuit relates to the alleged improper sales practices before 2012 that are also the subject of the Leniency Agreement discussion with Brazilian authorities and Petrobras.
The provisional measure aims to order Petrobras to start withholding a percentage of monthly payments due to SBM Offshore companies under certain charter contracts in escrow as collateral in respect of the Improbity Lawsuit.
As many of them saw it, Thompson, who had been a staff lawyer on the Senate Watergate Committee, had one mission: to turn the Dems' fundraising improbity into the new Watergate.
Classes Nine (Human Society and Institutions) and Ten (Values and Ideals) seem least productive of verbs; and the verbs of Ten are make-do compounds: under Virtue, "do the right thing"; under Guilt, "look guilty"; under Improbity, "be unfaithful"; under Asceticism, "deny oneself"
The Federal Prosecutors Office (Ministerio Publico Federal MPF) has filed a damage claim based on the Brazilian Improbity Act with the Federal Court in Rio de Janeiro against a Brazilian subsidiary of the Company, an intermediate holding company in Switzerland and a number of individuals, including former employees of the SBM Offshore Group.
And there is the new environment in the cities of poverty, community demobilization and political improbity which is still evolving.