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T]aking stock of fifteen years' worth of experience with administrative improbity cases suggests that they are not entirely effective in the courts, whether as a result of the slowness of the proceedings, numerous dilatory appeals, or, frequently, judges' concerns about MP's authority to act in this arena, as when they fail to recognize the legal legitimacy of suits or the legality of procedures adopted during the investigation.
Their ineligibility stems from a host of disqualifying factors including overweight, moral improbity, violations of the law, medical conditions, dependents, low test scores, and so forth.
But Cardano reduced Tacitus to "a most ambitious man, attached to the faction of the optimati" (that is, senatorial opponents of imperial power) and "a priest of idols and a man of the highest ambition and improbity, if you want to put together his life from his own words.
Klayman can chase those he deems a part of the Clinton conspiracy to destroy Administration foes--sometimes uncovering actual improbity, as in the Bacon matter--and information he obtains can end up in Starr's hands.
As many of them saw it, Thompson, who had been a staff lawyer on the Senate Watergate Committee, had one mission: to turn the Dems' fundraising improbity into the new Watergate.