improper act

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b) Any unlawful or improper act or omission by officials of the Department or owner or staff of the entity referred above;
Essentially, the receiver (Ashmore) is attempting to have the public at large, those that benefit from a healthy federally insured credit union system, pay for the illegal and improper act of Taupa Lithuanian Credit Union Inc.
If you do not apologise for this improper act, you should expect an unexpected reaction," the Iranian official was quoted as saying by Fars News Agency.
Amir-Abdollahian condemned the attack, and said, "Certain parties in Bahrain's ruling system have crossed the redlines of the Muslim world and the Shiites and if you don't apologize for this improper act, you should expect an unexpected reaction.
This is an improper act and does not represent the parliament, nor the good relationship between us," parliament speaker Jassim al-Kharafi said, according to state news agency KUNA.
Assume that you find yourself in the terrible dilemma of possibly having to report an improper act by one of your business partners.
She had pleaded with her husband to stop his improper act," the Star Online quoted a source as saying.
The court added that its ruling fell within the "common knowledge" exception typically employed in medical malpractice cases in which an improper act that is sufficiently obvious as to fall within the common knowledge of laypersons does not necessitate expert testimony.
He has denied being responsible for any improper act of any kind and had no comment to make yesterday.
Sometimes this involves immediately contacting the compliance officer about the improper act, and some times it involves contacting legal counsel.
Anybody carrying out an improper act will be banned for life.