improper usage

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In addition, specific interventions should be taken to be more vigilant towards those medicines which can endanger patient safety on improper usage and for those patients who are either on different medications for different morbidities or patients transferred from one health care establishment to another [1,4].
are buying the best pipe while also knowing their operators are receiving the superior customer support needed to avoid improper usage of drill pipe in the future.
In a developing economy use of locally made crutches, improper usage of crutches combined with other factors like Peripheral Vascular Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, etc.
The kitchen sink will typically be stopped on the garbage disposal side because of improper usage of the disposer.
The chairman said that marking was done by improper usage of software provided by the LESCO to the banks for automation of bill collection.
9 percent of the time the contamination could be blamed on improper usage of the gloves.
Also, he added due to smuggling and improper usage of clothing and Afghan Transit Trade (ATT), which had also decreased local market volume of textile products, eventually textile mills have either closed or operating only few machines, and running only one instead of three shifts.
We should give them more opportunities to use English, to correct improper usage and to be proficient in the language.
Memory Leaks leads to memory leakage in the virtual machine which leads to handle the files with the improper usage of Application call for Kernel Mode Services Irregular memory wastage and improper properties of exe files while accessing the VM access program are considered to be some of the drawbacks of the existing approach.
Police carried out awareness campaign to educate the people about the improper usage of pesticides and hiring of illegal companies that operate without licence.
Revenue sharing and allocation might well be the impetus for fee policy statements, given the increasing number of lawsuits accusing plan sponsors of improper usage.
Also during the flight review, the pilot should request the flight instructor to demonstrate proper and improper usage of rudder, for example, perform the rudder exercise described in the sidebar on page 9.