improper usage

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Pekkala races off to pursue and disable the tank, because he must protect his boss Stalin's political standing, along with anybody exposed to the tanks improper usage.
Of these, more than 70% involved contamination caused by improper usage, which sterile manufacturing would not address.
There are not enough restrooms and the current toilets are filthy due to negligence and improper usage," she added.
He was referring to an industrial secret protection law recently passed by parliament which imposes tougher punishment on the theft or improper usage of trade secrets.
Furthermore, Huawei has always regarded network security as top priority, and highlights the importance of physical security, data network security and secured data handling policy to protect customer s data from unauthorized access and improper usage.
As a result it can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, on the other hand, improper usage of this very same aspirin could lead to a situation where bursting of blood vessels in the brain occurs and that proves to be more dangerous a medical condition.
Pervez Khattak had also taken strict cognizance of the illicit allotment of shops in new vegetable market on Inqilab Road and scam regarding its improper usage for residential and personal purposes and also expressed dissatisfaction over inquiry of the Provincial Inspection Team in this regard.
Police carried out awareness campaign to educate the people about the improper usage of pesticides and hiring of illegal companies that operate without licence.
Memory Leaks leads to memory leakage in the virtual machine which leads to handle the files with the improper usage of Application call for Kernel Mode Services Irregular memory wastage and improper properties of exe files while accessing the VM access program are considered to be some of the drawbacks of the existing approach.
com's study found that when it comes to social media in particular, 65 percent of adult Americans are bothered by misspellings and improper usage of the English language.
Also, he added due to smuggling and improper usage of clothing and Afghan Transit Trade (ATT), which had also decreased local market volume of textile products, eventually textile mills have either closed or operating only few machines, and running only one instead of three shifts.
The chairman said that marking was done by improper usage of software provided by the LESCO to the banks for automation of bill collection.