improper usage

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A poorly made product or improper usage can be render the benefits of cannabinoids ineffective or even aggravate the problem it was intended to resolve.
The CJP, however, noted that the Lahore High Court (LHC) verdict against rise in private schools fee had a number of issues, which had apparently emerged due to improper usage of English language.
"But that's not enough, and we are in talks to have the Interior Ministry assign policemen to oversee the parks to prevent any improper usage," said Mr Al Doy.
Other mechanisms include improper usage of the guide, replacement of the tube and incomplete deflation of the cuff during removal.9 In our case, the double lumen tube was inserted twice, without causing any problems.
Most problems with flea and tick control products are a result of improper usage.
He also stated that prevention of diseases through vaccination was effective and cheaper than treatment with antibiotics, adding that improper usage of antibiotics would lead to antibiotic resistance.
Parastar said that over 56 percent of water consumed in the agriculture sector is being wasted due to improper usage, the ministry said on its official website.
Alhaji Rabe Daura, the Assistant Chairman of the association in the state, warned the farmers against diverting the inputs or putting it into improper usage.
Improper usage may also be the cause of excessive exposure to EMF in welding surroundings.
In addition, specific interventions should be taken to be more vigilant towards those medicines which can endanger patient safety on improper usage and for those patients who are either on different medications for different morbidities or patients transferred from one health care establishment to another [1,4].
are buying the best pipe while also knowing their operators are receiving the superior customer support needed to avoid improper usage of drill pipe in the future."
In a developing economy use of locally made crutches, improper usage of crutches combined with other factors like Peripheral Vascular Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, etc.