improper use

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are for the following violations: Five repeat-serious violations including improper use of ladders, damaged electrical equipment, improper fall protection and fall protection training.
The billboard had drawn multiple reactions from social media users including those who voiced their displeasure over the improper use of the language.
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Dubai: Improper use of pesticides could pose safety and environmental threats, the Dubai Municipality said.
Dr Al Mehza said the SMC had recorded several minor cases of suffocation due to improper use of heating devices, as well as some cases of scalding due to improper use of water heaters.
The reasons for it have ranged from poor landfilling techniques to improper use of the ADC, which cannot be handled the same as a dirt cover.
Wilson has years of experience as a trademark lawyer: now the general interest reader with little knowledge of how trademarks work can benefit from an invaluable coverage of the trademark law, it's protections and limitations, and how to avoid improper use or trademark infringement.
Other issues discussed include when bond proceeds are deemed used to make a loan and whether an improper use of bond proceeds, or of a bond-financed facility, can be rectified.
The authors cite federal task forces that may attract state and local officers for the purpose of "sharing" in asset forfeiture and inappropriate police conduct, such as "asset hunting." improper use of "reverse sting" undercover operations, and pretexturaly "structured arrests." In the second phase of the book, the authors analyze the results of a survey they conducted with federal and local law enforcement officers.
In particular, they report, improper use of homemade saline solutions may be a major cause of the amoebic infections, which have been reported to the CDC with increasing frequency among soft lens users since 1985.
The IRSRRA also protects against disclosure and improper use of trade secrets and confidential information incident to the examination of any summoned computer software program or source code.
Law enforcement professionals need to recognize that individuals can be guilty of theft or exploitation of aged adults through the improper use of funds for their own profit, as well as through the misuse of a power of attorney.