improper use

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improper use of "reverse sting" undercover operations, and pretexturaly "structured arrests.
In particular, they report, improper use of homemade saline solutions may be a major cause of the amoebic infections, which have been reported to the CDC with increasing frequency among soft lens users since 1985.
Law enforcement professionals need to recognize that individuals can be guilty of theft or exploitation of aged adults through the improper use of funds for their own profit, as well as through the misuse of a power of attorney.
These included purchases intended for personal use, purchases made from an improper source, purchases split into two or more transactions to circumvent single purchase limits, noncompliance with simplified acquisition procedures, incorrect procurement procedures, and improper use of convenience checks.
Stuart Alsop, writing in the July 23 issue of Fortune magazine, levels an increasingly common complaint: the ubiquitous online software registration process is merely a pretext for the collection, and potentially improper use, of personal information about software buyers.
Hundreds of states, counties and cities have sued drugmakers and distributors, saying that manufacturers have deceptively marketed opioids and distributors have failed to take action against indications the painkillers were diverted for improper uses.
The Securities and Exchange Commission charged a Wisconsin businessman with stealing millions of dollars of investor funds which he used to purchase a Cadillac Escalade and Green Bay Packers tickets, among other improper uses.