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Blocked or improperly lined chimneys and flues are a common source of CO inside of homes.
1% had improperly posted or non-existent safety precaution signs posted at the lathe, drill press, and bench grinder Ref: OPNAVINST 5100.
Improperly scrubbed equipment carries a small risk of exposing patients to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
Helmets fitted or worn improperly put Soldiers at increased risk of injury due to ballistic threats or concussion.
The luxury retailer said last week that it will reimburse vendors for more than $48 million in improperly collected markdown allowances from 1996 to 2003, as earlier reported by HFN's sister publication Women's Wear Daily.
filed inadequate documentation for students seeking financial aid and improperly distributed financial aid to students at the college's sister university in Naples, Fla.
The public are at risk of being side-tracked into property purchases that are improperly linked to buy-to-let, says the Association of Residential Letting Agents.
of Japan (JVC) said Monday it will check and repair free of charge a total of about 5,300 plasma-display TVs in two models in Japan to fix an improperly installed circuit board.
A prison inmate brought a [section] 1983 action alleging that a prison officer had improperly denied him personal hygiene items.
Gifu University in central Japan is suspected of improperly quarantining animals used in experiments, university and prefectural government sources said Wednesday.
Graham says that urgent action is needed at sites where agricultural chemicals are improperly stored in Fiji, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Solomon Islands, and Kiribati.