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Improperly scrubbed equipment carries a small risk of exposing patients to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
7% had improperly installed and/or adjusted the tool rest to within 1/8" of the grinding or wire wheel Ref: OPNAVINST 5100.
has completed its internal investigation of improperly collected markdowns, and it is now payback time.
The majority of improperly sized/fitted helmets have been found to be too small.
Browning-Ferris Industries will pay nearly $5,200 in fines and fees, and be placed on 18 months' probation for improperly storing asbestos at its Sun Valley truck repair yard, the City Attorney's Office announced Thursday.
Blocked or improperly lined chimneys and flues are a common source of CO inside of homes.
The record contains clear and convincing evidence of Judge Shea's attempts to improperly use his judicial office for financial benefit.
The faculty's facility experimented on more than 50 improperly quarantined dogs and cats in fiscal 2000, which ended March 31 last year, they said, adding the facility started improving quarantine procedures in fiscal 2001.
We are currently contacting the recipients of the improperly printed checks to ensure that we pave the way for them to get the checks cashed, or that they are quickly paid their child support in another manner.
Graham says that urgent action is needed at sites where agricultural chemicals are improperly stored in Fiji, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Solomon Islands, and Kiribati.
First I am convinced the process falls under FAR Part 15 and is improper in several ways including allowing late bids improperly and in revealing the price of bids improperly.
A state prisoner brought suits against a state corrections department and correctional officials, alleging that he was improperly denied indigent status after he dropped out of an educational course, and that the defendants denied him employment when he refused to take a qualifying exam.