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The source added that university administration and its allied functionaries who got benefits above the law using impropriate means to stop employees to participate in the general body meeting.
The latest statistics of the Social Communication Department pointed out that there were 90 complaints from 20/7/2011 till 17/9/2011 including 2 complaints about misuse of authority, 65 about administrative and financial breaches, 7 about delay of the citizens' transactions, 5 about impropriate procedures for tender awarding and 11 about other issues.
The impropriate program content that is each day entering the homes of citizens shows that the professionalism dropped to the lowest level and the content orientation is lost in the hysterical battle for ratings.
Ignoring those confluences without view of land and after thinning out the poles region which has an impropriate density of degree intersections, still 16'194 confluences are considered as worthwhile visiting--in the following denoted as "primary confluences"
Instead, new risks emerge from a marketized healthcare system--partly because of an impropriate institutional design that fails to combine choice, real competition, and voice and partly because of a lack of knowledge and information among users to apply their new market power.