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Such improprieties may include allegations of departure from standards of good practices which could have an influence on the evaluation and supervision of medicines.
But, if management has not implemented an anonymous whistleblower hotline or established procedures for appropriately handling improprieties reported via the hotline, there likely is a gap in this company-level control.
He was allowed to retire with honour in February, 1998, after four months as a deputy inspector general, despite suspicions about alleged improprieties while he was a top Nato commander in southern Europe.
In a statement submitted to a House Financial Services subcommittee, he said, "Although Fannie Mae is a company that receives accolades for providing a diverse and positive work environment, it is also plagued by a corporate culture that uses threats, intimidation, and reprisal to create an atmosphere where even those employees with great integrity--employees who rightfully feel duty-bound to report improprieties and irregularities--cannot risk doing so, fearing the retaliation that they know will follow.
We've opened an investigation into allegations of improprieties in connection with the Salt Lake City Olympics bid," department spokesman Myron Marlin said in Washington.
area - including the mostly black and Latino cities of Inglewood, Compton, Carson and Lynwood - who have been indicted, jailed, or accused of financial improprieties has piled sky-high.
Rostenkowski has been under investigation during the past 18 months for alleged financial improprieties and may be indicted soon.
Neither the state nor the City Council, which later reviewed of the vote tallies, found any improprieties.
The legislative hearing will be Shelley's first public appearance to defend himself after a six-month period in which he has been accused of a series of other improprieties, as well.