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Ahmad has been accused of irregularly awarding contracts at Caf and financial impropriety. He is under investigation by the French authority and Fifa's anti-ethics committee.
"Due to reports and allegations that there had been an impropriety in the management of the GSIS leading to loss of confidence, the President has accepted Mr.
'There have been a number of serious and proven cases of impropriety involving Muhammadu Buhari's ministers, including two incidents of clearly established cases of certificate forgery.
A middle road might incorporate aspirational rules that encourage avoiding the appearance of impropriety while stopping short of naming consequences for violating them.
Speaking on Channels Television on Wednesday, Daniel claimed that the US did not ban Atiku from entering the country, because of allegations of financial impropriety levelled against him.
Four Regional Trial Court (RTC) judges were penalized for impropriety and violations of guidelines during the 2013 Philippine Judges Association (PJA) Convention and elections, the Supreme Court said on Sunday.
This year, event producers Impropriety will be joined by improvisers from Die-Nasty themselves, as well as theatre companies including The Showstoppers, Project Two and Austentatious.
The whole episode screams impropriety and undue influence wielded by politicians over government officials.
Rahim said the commission views with 'grave concern upon the allegation of police impropriety and the misuse of power pursuing the recent arrest of lawyer-activist Siti Kasim on June 24, 2018'.
Wright to cooperate with Congress, uphold ethical standards, and understand the courses of action they can take if they witness impropriety at the Agency.
Governor Muhammad Ibrahim denied allegations of impropriety, stating that corruption accusations were "totally untrue".
New Delhi: Reacting to allegations about financial impropriety by Coal and Railways Minister Piyush Goyal, the BJP on Saturday said it was an attempt by the Congress party to attack Goyal based on "baseless, malicious and incorrect" accusations.