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In this sense, the pattern of improvable ideas was enacted to elicit a plethora of diverse ways of composing appropriate comprehension questions.
As they see it, the world's imperfection in encompassing such "natural evils" as cataclysmic disasters, epidemic diseases, accidental injuries, and the like, mark it as improvable, and thereby countervail against the prospect of an intelligent creator.
Relying merely on linear prognostications about the future, we cannot ignore the implications of China's economic, social and national brittleness, its improvable friendship with major actors or allies in the region, as well as the considerable military deficiencies and challenges faced by the People's Liberation Army.
According to Deloitte, the challenges are, among others, underdeveloped risk management and internal controls, improvable operational and business excellence, achieving better product governance and strategy, governance and regulatory compliance and a lack of talent building and leadership competence.
Hadjiroussos allows that the scheme, while not ideal and certainly improvable, goes some way towards meeting the needs of the Maronite community as a whole.
His doctrine of the fact of reason reflects this: it is ultimately an expression of the improvable but indispensable autonomy of practical reason as that which produces necessary, universal, and entirely self-imposed moral laws.
You will note, that in this particular analysis, most issues occur because of data issues ("Bad Data"), improvable stock positioning ("Stock Positioning"), and excessive time to process requisitions (RWT).
Objective: This project aims at the development of a novel toolbox of ab-initio methods that approximate the true many-electron wavefunction using systematically improvable perturbation and coupled-cluster theories.