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That is, they used the videos as a self-modeling tool to improve their instructions.
All three of these organizations stress the need for school counselors to use research-based programs to improve academic and social outcomes for all students and support counselors' efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and share outcomes with key stakeholders.
Epolene G-3003 and G-3015 function as coupling agents to improve impact strength in highly filled polymers such as polyolefins and nylon polymers.
Lean Six Sigma combines the two methodologies to improve the quality (Six Sigma) and efficiency (Lean) of production and service offerings, and to reduce operation costs.
Nalco's Smith noted that one of the more obvious examples of using a performance chemical based solution to improve machine performance is the implementation of a wet end efficiency program to improve on-machine efficiency by enhancing dewatering, which in turn provides improved wet-web strength.
Government agencies need to be connected now more than ever to achieve strategic objectives like increase service effectiveness, improve safety, and stimulate economic development.
Toward this end, Honda will improve overall engine efficiency by improving combustion efficiency and reducing energy losses.
A new SQL outline view, to improve usability of large SQL scripts
The Administration and OMB are placing increasing pressures on federal agencies to improve performance by establishing metrics for IT investments.
Improve media targeting (identify media that have proven reach among your target audience).
Even more important, however, is the fact that as the system's complexity increases, its reliability as a tool for providing reimbursement that is related to the costs of treatment for patients does not necessarily improve.