improve upon

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Goggins continued, "We look forward to using Trammell Crow's fully integrated service platform including property management, leasing, and project management to improve upon this already outstanding asset.
Rigazio-DiGilio, Supervision for Learning: A Performance-Based Approach to Teacher Development and School Improvement is a resource especially for school leaders striving to improve upon traditional methods of teacher supervision and evaluation.
Ostabolin-C, a cyclic 1-31 amino acid analog of parathyroid hormone (PTH), is a bone formation agent designed to improve upon the safety and efficacy of current therapies in the large and rapidly growing osteoporosis market.
Now, trapped in a hell of their own making, they watch helplessly and cluelessly as their own kids set out to repeat and improve upon their parents' folly.
An item submitted for review must outline a plan to correct a specific problem, improve upon the quality, or create a new approach or method.
The Gold Series line is said to improve upon the key benefits of cartridge collection, including high filtration efficiency, excellent energy performance and long element life.
In this collaborative program, involving NIST, JPL, the University of Colorado, and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, a laser-cooled cesium clock will be put aboard the International Space Station in 2005 to perform certain tests on gravitational theory and to improve upon the realization of the second.
Experiments have begun there this week to attempt to duplicate and improve upon the results, he says.
As with all of our successes, we value this award as motivation to continue and improve upon the quality of service we offer our clients.
We are issuing this report card on the bishops' performance because it is time for them to know where their weaknesses lie so that they can work to improve upon them.