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n. any permanent structure on real property, or any work on the property (such as planting trees) which increases its value.


noun amelioration, betterment, change for the better, melioration, recovery, rehabilitation
Associated concepts: improvement bond, improvement district
See also: advance, advancement, advantage, amendment, augmentation, behalf, benefit, betterment, boom, change, correction, development, edification, growth, headway, increase, panacea, profit, progress, promotion, prosperity, reform, rehabilitation, renewal, reorganization, repair, revision, revival

IMPROVEMENT, estates. This term is of doubtful meaning It would seem to apply principally to buildings, though generally it extends to amelioration of every description of property, whether real or personal; it is generally explained by other words.
     2. Where, by the terms of a lease, the covenant was to leave at the end of the term a water-mill with all the fixtures, fastenings, and improvements, during the demise fixed, fastened, or set up on or upon the premises, in good plight and condition, it was held to include a pair of new millstones set up by the lessee during the term, although the custom of the country in general authorized the tenant to remove them. 9 Bing. 24; 3 Sim. 450; 2 Ves. & Bea. 349. Vide 3 Yeates, 71; Addis. R. 335; 4 Binn. R. 418; 5 Binn. R. 77; 5 S. & R. 266; 1 Binn. R. 495; 1 John. Ch. R. 450; 15 Pick. R. 471. Vide Profits. 2 Man. & Gra. 729, 757; S. C. 40 Eng. C. L. R. 598, 612.
     3. Tenants in common are not bound to pay for permanent improvements, made on the common property, by one of the tenants in common without their consent. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1881.

IMPROVEMENT, rights. An addition of some useful thing to a machine, manufacture or composition of matter.
     2. The patent law of July 4, 1836, authorizes the granting of a patent for any new and useful improvement on any art, machine manufacture or composition of matter. Sect. 6. It is often very difficult to say what is a new and useful improvement, the cases often approach very near to each other. In the present improved state of machinery, it is almost impracticable not to employ the same elements of motion, and in some particulars, the same manner of operation, to produce any new effect. 1 Gallis. 478; 2 Gallis. 51. See 4 B. & Ald. 540; 2 Kent, Com. 370.

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For example, one possible employee response to an announcement of plans to implement quality improvement is "It ain't broke, don't fix it," suggesting a mechanistic view of the organization; the manager's challenge then becomes to substitute in the organizational vocabulary the metaphors that imply a need for movement (perhaps using terms like "journey" or "exploration") or transformation.
Organizations need to realize that continuous quality improvement requires frequent, ad hoc access to data about the processes that may need improvement.
The emphasis on data and the philosophy of continual improvement were popularized in Japan in 1950 by American management pioneer W.
i feel that skilled home improvement corporations a r the best of the ton.
An additional 52 percent indicated that this area could use some improvement.
Does your firm have a formal process for soliciting profit improvement ideas from all areas of the company?
The combination of training and technical improvements has led to higher production.
The improvement is made under a lease either by the lessee (or sublessee), or by the lessor, of that portion of the building to be occupied exclusively by the lessee (or sublessee);
If a program improvement school makes adequate academic progress, it does not advance to the next level of federal requirements.
Although Class II improvements (those that require significant technological investment) enhance productivity, the authors find that roughly two-thirds of all improvement opportunities do not require new technology.
Meanwhile, the improvement effort may not have been directed at overall system improvement.

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