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264) reports on the overharvesting of oyster beds in the Savannah area after the Civil War, where he claims the beds were "ravaged by the most outrageous improvidence of their privileged destroyers.
Prudence becomes imprudence, thrift becomes improvidence, sobriety becomes mean-spiritedness, modesty becomes lack of ambition, self-control becomes betrayal of the inner sell patience becomes lack of foresight, steadiness becomes inflexibility: all that was wisdom becomes foolishness.
It is by no means intended to imply, that it would become the Bank of England to relieve every distress which the rashness of country banks may bring upon them; the bank, by doing this, might encourage their improvidence.
While admitting that "they exercise wonderful foresight in treasuring up supplies of salmon," he contrasted this to what he considered their usual improvidence.
Most writers who subscribe to these views regard such American improvidence as unlikely because they regard our commitment to these institutional constraints as more than simple policy preferences.
The trust will go a long way toward protecting your legacy from the improvidence of your spouse if he or she eventually loses full mental competence.
But it is in Britain that the potential for violent social unrest is the greatest, for thanks to the corrupt improvidence of prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, Britain is not only the hardest hit of any of the major European countries by the crisis, but its social conditions are the worst.
She derisively quotes their opinions about Social Security without noting that they were absolutely right about its budget-busting improvidence.
Master of the prolonged title, he dubbed his recent exhibition in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes "Historia del Dibujo de A a L" (A History of Drawing from A to L), with the subtitle, presented here in English for brevity, "Seven ways to visit the museum crossing twice round the same rotunda, or how to confront all these years' improvidence once and for all.
He told the congregation that while there were many cases of improvidence and incompetence that could explain why workingmen were not able to save, his own study of social conditions demonstrated that the primary reason why workingmen could not save was because of the low wages they received.
It is by no means intended to imply that it would become the Bank of England to relieve every distress which the rashness of country banks may bring upon them: the Bank by doing this, might encourage their improvidence .
If you are one of those snared by improvidence, the time has come to embrace a more authentic future.