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They don't really know how to take notes and tend to focus on the minutia of legibility and delivery of lectures, resulting in improvidence. All these pressures lead to an increased fear of failure and decrease their internal motivation.
no man, even though by his indolence, improvidence, prodigality and vice, he may have brought himself to poverty, shall ever suffer from want ...
First, he argues that "a gift speaks to the present," whereas a promise speaks to the future, so "there is less reason for a legal system given to paternalism to protect [the donor] from his own improvidence" (p.
In addition, workers must not imagine that industrial partnerships will cancel what naturally comes from ignorance, indolence, and improvidence. "A large share of the misfortunes of the working classes arise from these sources." (16) The workers' job, first of all, is the cultivation of candor, moderation, and sweet reasonableness.
As Waldron says, some readers "will see nothing but madness in his [Hornby's] carelessness of attire and attitude, in his improvidence, in his haphazard and futile wandering.
For a suggestion that the phrase "if injustice can be avoided" in Section 90 "might have served a useful purpose if it directed the attention of the courts to the issues of improvidence and ingratitude," see Melvin A.
Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit pointed out that the state could possibly rely upon four interests to defend a statute requiring parental consent for abortions: preventing illicit sexual conduct among minors; protecting minors from their own improvidence; fostering parental control; and supporting the family as a social unit.
While such relationships may not be desirable, nor medically conducive, allowing patients to recover under the rubric of medical malpractice denotes strong judicial improvidence.
It was an objectionable principle and would tend to improvidence.
At the more general level, the categories included achieving approach (divided further into achieving motive and achieving strategy), deep approach (deep motive and deep strategy), surface approach (surface motive and surface strategy), general study skills, and learning pathologies (which included globetrotting, negative attitudes, improvidence, disorganised, work avoidance, procrastinative metacognition, and negative attitudes).
through moments of improvidence. DeFoe is a righteous outlaw in that his theft is a selfless one, for Imogen's sake, and an unexpected violation of his own careful architecture of being.
In this arena, as in the world of charitable organizations reconstructed by Gareth Stedman Jones, `most unemployment was attributed to the lack of habits of industry and forethought rather than to an excess of supply', and middle-class observers `increasingly agreed that poverty was not so much the condition of a class as the result of the immorality or improvidence of demoralized individuals'.(76) But here too was an array of conflicting interpretations of workers' proper relation to a retail market, which, fuelled by their ceaseless employment in workshops, sweatshops and factories, had risen to new heights in this period.