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Jacalyn Davis, also representing the America's Got Talent judge, said their tax problems were "sustained through improvident lifestyle choices".
The calculations and analysis of shortsighted, improvident and lustful Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and other people of his tribe lose its credibility when compared with the historical realities, Gilani said.
Despite the failure to notify the board or the NCUA, the court concluded that taking corrective actions to minimize the risk of loss on improvident loans is not conduct contrary to accepted standards of banking operations which might result in an abnormal risk to a banking institution," Alabama One wrote.
Van Buren said that spending on such projects "was sure in the end to impoverish the National Treasury by improvident grants to private companies and State works, and to corrupt Federal legislation by the opportunities it would present for favoritism.
The wholesale invalidation of Colorado's $200 contribution threshold for ballot issue committees, though warranted, would go beyond my charge and be improvident.
It dramatizes the consequences of our improvident modern economy in the way George Orwell's novel awakened people to the "Big Brother" mentality of Soviet communism.
However, a crisis is a product of accumulated anomalies in an economy like structural mishaps, improvident policies, loose regulations, shortsighted politicians, greedy investors, bubbly assets and aggregated irrational decisions by the economy's agents, from mere consumers to complex conglomerates.
Companies and organizations typically insist on morality clauses to protect their reputation and interests from being affected by the improvident conduct of people with whom they have contracted.
Two decades further on, and 'Malthus's arguments were used to drive through the New Poor Law of 1834, which attempted to imprison in the workhouse anyone improvident enough to claim welfare,' according to a discussion paper produced by No One is Illegal.
Unemployed, uneducated youth are at greater risk for criminality and incarceration, and they often go on to become unreliable spouses and improvident parents.
The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.
These improvident behemoths are very heavily subsidised and generate little, other than profit for the manufacturers and income for those leasing the land on which stand these consummate bird killers and natural beauty despoilers.

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